pyRserve 0.7.1 is available

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Ralph Heinkel

Jun 25, 2013, 4:16:48 AM6/25/13
Hi everyone,

a new version of pyRserve is available. Version 0.7.0 and 0.7.1 only differ in documentation details, but since I had not yet announced 0.7.0 here are the change details:

  • Fixed problem when receiving very large result sets from R (added support for XT_LARGE header flag)
  • Correctly translate multi-dimensional R arrays into numpy arrays (preserve axes the right way) Removed ‘arrayOrder’ keyword argument as a consequence. THIS IS AN API CHANGE - PLEASE CHECK AND ADAPT YOUR CODE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU USE MULTI-DIM ARRAYS!!
  • Support for conn.voidEval and conn.eval and new ‘defaultVoid’-kw argument in the connect() function
  • Fixed bug in receiving multi-dimensional boolean (logical) arrays from R
  • Added support for multi-dimensional string arrays
  • added support for XT_VECTOR_EXPR type generated e.g. via “expression()” in R (will return a list with the expression content as list content)
  • windows users can now connect to localhost by pyRserve.connect() (omitting ‘localhost’ parameter)

Also, pyRserve has now move from my private SVN repository to github at

Ciao ciao


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