pyRserve 0.7.0 rc1 solves Matrix element order problem and adds 'voidEval' method

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Ralph Heinkel

Jan 9, 2013, 2:34:07 AM1/9/13

thanks for all the feedback and bug reports during the last few weeks.

I've now (hopefully) fixed the problem with the matrix elements order. This has been indeed definitely broken in previous versions of pyRserve, version 0.7.0 should handle this correctly, meaning that arrays have the same layout in R and in Python. In that process the option 'arrayOrder=...' has been removed entirely, it was not working correctly anyway.
These changes (fixed array layout and change of the API) could break some of your code! So please test your app after upgrading!

Another new feature is that string evaluations can now be done without reading back results from R using a new method called 'voidEval()':

>>> import pyRserve
>>> conn = pyRserve.connect()
>>> conn.eval('a = 1+1')
>>> conn.voidEval('a = 1+1')

This is especially useful if you don't need or expect any result from R, and helps to reduce network traffic quite a lot.

Other changes:
- fixed buggy handling of multi-dimensional boolean and string arrays
- very large result data coming from R is now handled properly
- updated documentation


Before officially publishing this release on pypi I would like to ask people to test it and provide some feedback. You can download the package from
Just run easy_install pyRserve-0.7.0rc1.tar.gz for installing it. Updated docs are included in the package.


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