pyrocore 0.5.1 released

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May 27, 2017, 3:45:22 PM5/27/17
to pyroscope-users

  • Docs: Brand new docs on
  • Project: Moved to GitHub
  • Migration: Read the docs, take note of rtorrent-pyro.rc
  • rTorrent: Removed support for anything but 0.9.2+
  • Python: Removed support for 2.5 and 2.6
  • rtcontrol: added --select option (-/)
  • rtcontrol: added --shell option
  • rtcontrol: added --modify-view option
  • rtcontrol: resolve - as a viewname to the current view (needs rT-PS)
  • rtcontrol: added is_multi_file field
  • rtcontrol: added active for when items last had peers
  • rtcontrol: added stopped field
  • rtcontrol: added [ NOT … ] in conditions
  • rtcontrol: added --prio action
  • rtcontrol: added --anneal option for post-filters
  • rtcontrol: added --exec option for raw XMLRPC commands
  • rtcontrol: executing OS commands (--call and --spawn)
  • rtcontrol: single item views via --from #‹hash› (# is optional)
  • rtcontrol: actions with arguments (like --custom) now allow templating
  • rtcontrol: added json formatter (main use case: files.raw.json)
  • rtcontrol: added --json to dump items as a JSON array
  • rtcontrol: added --fast-query option and config setting for query optimizer
  • rtcontrol: also added new default template json for -O json
  • chtor: added --regex option
  • chtor: replacing {} with the torrent name in --hashed path
  • mktor: added --no-cross-seed option
  • mktor: -X @entropy for non-deterministic infohash
  • rtxmlrpc: allow passing of binary data via @- and @filename
  • rtxmlrpc: added --as-import option to call private commands
  • pyrotorque: added queue manager and tree watch features
  • pyroadmin: added --create-import action
  • pyroadmin: added --dump-rc action
  • pyroadmin: added --remove-all-rc-files option
  • feature to add custom template helpers
  • rtorrent config: added tagged view handling
  • rtorrent config: d.timestamp.downloaded attribute (thanks @chros73)
  • rtorrent config: d.data_path attribute (never empty, unlike d.base_path)
  • UI: Rotate through color schemes with the ~ key
  • UI: Rotate through category views using < and >
  • UI: The | key updates the current category view
  • UI: Show uptime and other info by pressing u
  • UI: Send a manual scrape for the current item with &
  • UI: Helper commands tag.add, tag.rm, and (bound to Ctrl-G)
  • API: added subst templating helper
  • API: connect() helper for easy interactive use
  • API: added h. helper namespace to templating
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