Reliable way to get the uploaded data in a time interval?

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Krisztian Kovacs

Nov 22, 2015, 7:05:14 AM11/22/15
to pyroscope-users
Is there a reliable way to get the uploaded data in certain a time interval?
I have issue with a specific tracker now days, and I wanted to check how much data was uploaded yesterday and only yesterday!
And I just realized that maybe I can't tell the exact amount.

e.g. If I use this rtcontrol command then it will tell how much data was uploaded by torrents that have been completed 1 day ago:
rtcontrol -qo alias,uploaded completed=-1d // | awk '{arr[$1]+=$2} END {for (i in arr) {printf "%20s %7.1f GiB\n",i,arr[i]/1024^3}}' | sort -bnk21    69.8 GiB

But, probably, it has the uploaded amount that was uploaded during downloading as well, and this misses the incomplete downloads and all uploads by older torrents, if I get it right how it works.
I could use '--custom last_active=-1d' instead of completed field, but it will give me all the data uploaded for that torrents.

It makes me wonder, if I can't do this properly, how does tracker updating work with the rtorrent client?



Dec 4, 2015, 1:10:38 PM12/4/15
to pyroscope-users
Put whatever values you want to measure into a CSV file via a cron job, then use a script or spreadsheet to get the daily differences.

Krisztian Kovacs

Apr 17, 2016, 12:55:23 PM4/17/16
to pyroscope-users
Good idea, thanks!
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