RangeSet in abstract model parametrized by concrete model parameter?

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Marek Makowski

Apr 7, 2023, 12:32:36 PMApr 7
to Pyomo Forum
I try to replace the following:
periods = 12 # number of planning periods
m.P = pe.RangeSet(0, periods - 1) # planning periods
by replacing the parameter periods by its value to be defined in the concrete model. I tried:
m.periodq = pe.Param(within=pe.PositiveIntegers, default=3) # number of planning periods
m.Q = pe.RangeSet(0, pe.value(m.periodq) - 1) # doesn't work
however this results in:
ValueError: Evaluating the numeric value of parameter 'periodq' before
the Param has been constructed (there is currently no value to return)

Is there a way to achieve it?

Marek Makowski

Jun 12, 2023, 2:49:09 AMJun 12
to Pyomo Forum
The following, based on the approach suggested by John Sirola, solves the above issue,  although PyCharm shows a warning (see the comment):
m.periods = pe.Param(domain=pe.PositiveIntegers, default=3) # number of planning periods
# noinspection PyTypeChecker
# warning: pe.Param used instead of expected int (but a cast to the latter cannot be used in Abstract model)
m.periods_ = pe.Param(initialize=m.periods-1) # index of the last planning periods
m.P = pe.RangeSet(0, m.periods_) # set of periods; NOTE: RangeSet(0, 1) has two elements, RangeSet(0, -1) is empty

I thank John for the advice, which solved the problem. The PyCharm warning can easily be suppressed, if there is no easy way to cast (in abstract model) pe.Param into int.


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