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Matthew U

May 17, 2021, 9:51:40 PMMay 17
to pyNastran Discuss
Hello Steve,

I have a question about the read_op2 command. I want to define sets of results to include at one time, so that I am able to pull data from larger op2s one set of results vectors at a time without running into memory limitations.

The issue I seem to be running into here is that I do not want to define a specific set of subcases to run. In the documentation, it says that the standard for subcases = None, which should bring in all subcases. However, when I do the following command, for example:

op2 = read_op2(input_op2, 'True', 'None', include_results = 'cquad4_force')

I can't seem to get past the subcases one without defining specific subcases in order to get to include_results. I need to find a way to define that all subcases should be read in, or to circumvent defining subcases altogether so it will work how it would if I didn't define any parameters.

Thanks for your help! Matt

Steven Doyle

May 17, 2021, 11:20:41 PMMay 17
to pyNastran Discuss

I'm not sure exactly on the version you're using, but I think it's 1.3.3.  I strongly recommend explicitly listing optional arguments (the ones you care about) because that call is changing in the next release.

I guess first of all, I think you intended to write:
    op2 = read_op2(input_op2, combine='True', subcases='None', include_results='cquad4_force')

combine should be a boolean and not a string (so True/False).  The default is True.

subcases is also not a string and may be:
 - an integer
 - a list of integers
 - None -> all subcases  (default)

I guess, what are you trying to do?  Are you saying you don't know your subcases?

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Matthew U

May 18, 2021, 10:36:56 AMMay 18
to pyNastran Discuss

So the big issue was that I was inputting combine and subcases as a string, thanks for pointing that out. To answer your question, this script is intended to handle a variety of op2 files, so I will not know the number or ID of subcases. But the following line I believe gets me what I want, so I think you helped me solve my issue:

op2 = read_op2(input_op2, combine = True, subcases = None, exclude_results = None, include_results = ['force.cquad4_force'])

That appears to only bring in the cquad4 force data for all subcases, which is exactly what I want.

Thanks again.

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