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Nov 18, 2020, 3:50:29 AM11/18/20
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Hello pyNastran users,

I am a student and for a project I need to use a software like Patran. pyNastran seems to be the perfect tool. But, I am not a programmer and I never used Patran/Nastran. So I directly downloaded the pyNastranGUI to try to use it.

Here is my goal: I need to plot the temperatures from a .tlf file into my finite element model. In Patran, the procedure would be to load my FEM into Patran, then to play a session file (.ses) to load all my .nod files. Finally, I plot the temperatures (from my .tlf file) to see them.

Is this possible with pyNastran?

Thanks in advance for your answer,


Steven Doyle

Nov 18, 2020, 11:28:35 AM11/18/20
I don’t know what a tif file is and the format of the nod files are weird, but you can definitely use the pyNastran GUI.  The GUI supports custom results in the form of csv files.

You can also script the process in python, so you can load all the files in a given directory if you want.  

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