WebHelpers2 2.1 released

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Mike Orr

Feb 8, 2024, 1:43:41 PMFeb 8
to pylons-...@googlegroups.com
WebHelpers2 2.1 is released. It contains convenience functions and
classes to make HTML tags, process text, format numbers, do basic
statistics, work with collections, and more. It's the successor to

Version 2.1 fixes bugs and adds Python 3 support, which has been in
the development version for a long time but not released. There are no
new features or API changes. Backward compatibility was a high
priority, so it still runs on Python 2 and older versions of Python 3.
It's tested on Python 3.9 - 3.12 and 2.7 on Linux, and should work on
other platforms.

The next version (version 3) will drop Python 2 and older versions of
Python 3. It will focus on updating the packaging and documentation.
No new features or API changes are expected. It may delete some
helpers that now have counterparts in recent versions of Python.

Mike Orr <slugg...@gmail.com>
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