Pyramid and Yolo 8, how to transfer the frame?

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Анатолий Тимофеев

Oct 30, 2023, 2:15:28 PM10/30/23
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I'm a newbie and haven't worked with a pyramid before. I have a script that, based on yolo and supervision, detects, tracks and counts objects. It works great. Previously, I used streamlit to see the result, but now I need to make a serious application based on this script.

I settled on the fact that I received an annotated frame, and all the logic of the script works. I have attached a piece of script for understanding

Now I need to open this frame stream in the pyramid.

Please tell me how and where to start? I need a general understanding of the interaction of the existing script with the pyramid; maybe there is an explanatory manual on this topic.

Code examples are not needed - I want to figure it out myself, but the basic steps are very necessary. Thank you

def main(): 
    rtsp_url = "rtsp://" # Replace with your actual fixed RTSP URL 
    cap = VideoCapture(rtsp_url) 
    count_object_instance = CountObject(rtsp_url) 
    while True
        frame = 
        annotated_frame = count_object_instance.process_frame(frame) 
        # Do something with the annotated frame 

if __name__ == "__main__"
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