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Bert JW Regeer

Nov 5, 2019, 3:12:22 PM11/5/19
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Hey all,

I didn't send out an email with changes about Venusian, so I guess I should do that now :-D.

First off, I've released a version of venusian that cleans up the deprecation warnings that would get printed if you were running on Python 3, and I updated the project to be Python 3 only. We also no longer ship the tests in the wheel which reduces the size of the downloaded file drastically 32k -> 13k.

This included adding some metadata to setup tools to let the world know it will only work on Python 3.5+, however this metadata was not correctly uploaded due to a mistake I made on the section it was placed in (setup.cfg has metadata and options sections... python_requires seems like metadata... but it is not).

2.0.0 was uploaded about ~18 hours ago, and did not include the right metadata, to right this wrong (thanks to @fschulze on Github for pointing this out) I've taken the following steps:

1.2.0 was re-released as 2.1.0 (you are not dyslexic)
2.0.0 was re-released as 3.0.0

And last but not least, but 2.0.0 was removed from PyPi.

With apologies for the flurry of updates you'll likely get from things like PyUp or other bots telling you about dependencies getting updates!

I have validated that 3.0.0 correctly has Requires-Python: >=3.5 set and pip won't install it on Python 2 or download it.

Thanks all, and please let me know if there are any other issues you run into!

Bert JW Regeer

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