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René Dudfield

Aug 22, 2021, 6:49:47 AM8/22/21
to pygame...@seul.org, python announce

Cheer Up! 🍵
🍂 )) 🍂
🍂┃ (( * ┣┓ 🍂 we have a python3 -m pip install pygame==2.0.2.dev2
🍂┃*💗 ┣┛ 🍂
🍂┗━━┛ 🍂
🎂 For YOU 🍰

Hello internet strangers. We’re back with a new release, packed with tons of mundane bug fixes and unexciting improvements! It’s been a while since the last release, but in that time pygame development has been moving ahead. This release, 36 contributors (25 new ones!) contributed over 75 pull requests. Since 2.0.1, over 200 files were edited, with more than 16,000 lines added, and more than 7,000 lines deleted.

This is a development pre-release, so we can test out new release machinery. Probably we will do a couple more dev pre-releases, but we hope to have a full 2.0.2 release soon. There's a bunch of PRs still open that we want to help resolve and merge in before that.

                    So grab a beverage, 
                    and doom scroll our release notes,
                    we prepared just for you,
                   (&& those other interweb weirdos)

Bug Fixes 🐛

Artisanal source code like ours has the best intentions, but there's nothing like computers to bamboozle our best efforts. It used to be actual bugs climbing inside the pipe organs programmed to play and the looms programmed to weave, but these days that excuse doesn't really work. Our bad.

Bugs in this 1910 Jacquard loom would be actual bugs

New contributor @mhollands fixed an issue where arcs wouldn’t fully draw in #2480
arc drawing image

(See more the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PBd3VJrfDw if you're interested)

@ankith26 fixed

  • the init systems to prevent bugs from init-quit-init (#2428)
  • an error handling bug in pixelarray in #2444
  • the pygame default font would break when packaged with PyInstaller (#2604)

@Starbuck5 fixed:

  • 20 second load times for SysFont on Mac, and also gave Windows SysFont some love (#2594, #2640).
  • A bug where freetype would think coordinates of -1 represented an error was fixed in #2576.
  • A rare segfault in mixer.pre_init() on Mac, in #2494
  • Where window size couldn't be reduced after leaving SCALED mode on Windows (#2587)
  • Exiting fullscreen would put your window at (0, 0) in #2460
  • A failure in display.set_gamma() in #2524
  • The pygame.scrap module building properly on Mac and Windows (#2499, #2495).

@MightyJosip fixed duplicate entries in display.list_modes() in #2470

@robertpfeiffer fixed

  • IME placement in SCALED mode in #2451
  • A rare bug where Color.hsva would return invalid values in #2467

Sysfont fixes

One module in particular has come a long way in this release — sysfont. Thanks to @Starbuck5

As well as working better on windows and mac... Before, if you requested "Cambria," pygame would silently give out Cambria bold.

Now, Cambria is Cambria

(Of course you can still request bold from SysFont and it will hook you up, at least for Cambria)

New Features

@dr0id added

  • vector projection to the Vector2 and Vector3 classes in #2510
  • a “touch” attribute to all mouse events in #2514

projected = v3.project(v3) This is useful for collision detection in finding the components in a certain direction (e.g. in direction of the wall). For a more detailed explanation see Wikipedia <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vector_projection>_.

The .touch attribute is for events that were generated by a touch input device, and not a real mouse. You might want to ignore such events, if your application already handles finger events.

@robertpfeiffer added an exclude argument to pygame.event.get(), allowing inverse filtering, in #2512, with a test in #2546.

@MyreMylar worked on

  • changing mixer.set_reserved() to return the number of channels actually reserved in #2490
  • adding an actual implementation to the force parameter of mixer.find_channel() in #2491 Before it simply wasn't implemented, only documented.

@Starbuck5 added

  • a namehint argument to mixer.music.load() for easier loading of music from file-like objects. (#2497)
  • Vector2 support to the transform, display, and Mask modules, as well as keyword argument support to the transform and Mask modules (#2536, #2557, #2581)

Internal / Portability

New contributor @Muxelmann fixed the path to homebrew in #2636, fixing some pygame issues on M1 Mac!

New contributor @odidev and @illume added aarch64 wheel build support, along with a docker file, and github actions tests for it in #2610 and #2675

New contributor @fniephaus made a compatibility fix for GraalPython in #2580

@MyreMylar updated the sse2neon header to make it build alpha blitter on arm in #2425

@ankith26 and @illume added github actions, disabled travis builds except arm64 in #2507 and #2600. This was crucial to keep pygame development functional after the shutdown of travis-ci.org.

@Pierre-Sassoulas used their pylint expertise to keep pygame’s code base clean and functional in #2509, #2579, and #2634.

@Starbuck5 added Python 3.10 support in #2586, updated functions to return bools rather than ints in #2534, and moved to SDL 2.0.16 on Windows in #2670.

@illume moved to SDL 2.0.16 on Linux, as well as many other dependency updates, in #2676


                                     =(__    ___       __     __)=
                                       |                       |
                                       |                       |
                                       | python -m pygame.docs |
                                       |                       |
                                       | A large number        |
                                       | documentation fixes   |
                                       | were made in this     |
                                       | release.              |
                                       |                       |
                                       |__    ___   __    _____|

@llindstrom, @Pierre-Sassoulas, and @Starbuck5 corrected incorrection information in: #2485, #2582, #2654. @robertpfeiffer added to the TEXTINPUT documentation in #2456.

New contributors @SplatRT, @bambalamm, @deek80, @NKID00, @MaukWM, and @shawnbyday all cleaned up the documentation with grammar and typo fixes, in: #2431, #2437, #2519, #2555, #2583, #2644. @Starbuck5 contributed to this worthy goal in #2590

New contributor @Grimmys and @Starbuck5 worked on the documentation build system, upgrading it from Sphinx 1 to Sphinx 3, hiding the obsolete Overlay and cdrom modules from the top bar, and adding the --fullgeneration flag to setup.py docs. #2513, #2511, #2617, #2624.

New contributor @Taffer added a page to showcase all of pygame’s named colors, in #2559. When it is live, it will be at https://www.pygame.org/docs/ref/color_list.html.

New contributor @kaiec noticed that SDL_Image, pygame’s image loading backend, supports more than we had documented, so updated the documentation accordingly, in #2619. (We support WebP and SVG, who knew?) New contributor @duthades continued this by adding tests for the new image formats in #2656.

Finally, new contributor @ayushbisht2001 added a nice logo to the README in #2441, sprucing it up nicely.

Type Hints

Typehints got some neat updates in this release as well, so that you can code with pygame in your favourite IDE and you get that sweet auto-correct/autocomplete and type-checking to catch bugs even before they are reported!

New contributor @jakebailey made tons of good typehint fixes in #2537, the most important ones being, correctly exporting submodules in a way that typehints are recognized for the submodules, and generic types used in annotations being fixed to include the missing type params, among other fixes.

New contributors:

@MyreMylar Add str and RGBA tuple types to freetype/font type hints in #2462, and Correct blits typehint sequence arg to cover blit inputs in #2482

@ankith26 and @zoldalma999 overhauled many incorrect uses of Optional in #2678


New contributor @jonozw added a needed pg.quit() for IDLE compatibility in the stars example (#2560). Many other examples needed this too, so another expeditious new contributor (@AnudeepGunukula) swept through and made sure it was on every example in #2643.

@MightyJosip fixed a crash in the mask example in #2606.

New contributor @mljli improved the aliens example in #2608, new contributor @njbradley improved the font_viewer example in #2655 (it’s cool check it out), and @Starbuck5 overhauled the chimp example in #2651.

Experimental super secret _sdl2 things

TODO: this section is supposed to be top secret! No one is supposed to know about these new APIs yet, except people wanting to give feedback and live dangerously. So I guess bikers, and skydivers can know about this stuff?

@galexandreg added blend_mode, color tuples, origin=None, to _sdl2.Image in #2426 and draw_blend_mode to Renderers in #2520

@Starbuck5 added prototype docs to the _sdl2.video system in #2533. They will be live at https://www.pygame.org/docs/ref/sdl2_video.html.

@zoldalma999 did lots of work getting the SDL2 controller system ported in #2423.

Thank Yous

(Special thanks to Ankith & Charlie for sending this release out)

Michael Lutynski

Aug 23, 2021, 8:41:53 PM8/23/21
to pygame...@seul.org

Wow, great work, devs! 🎉🦾


~ Michael


Nicholas H.Tollervey

Aug 24, 2021, 3:20:57 AM8/24/21
to pygame...@seul.org
Here here... many thanks for all the work that's gone into making this

PyGame FTW

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