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René Dudfield

Dec 24, 2020, 9:34:11 AM12/24/20
to pygame...@seul.org, python announce

🌼🌸 python3 -m pip install pygame==2.0.1

The Age Of Aquarius,
the northern Winter Solstice, 
and the southern Summer Solstice bring us...
a new pygame to play with :)

This is a bug fix release, with a bunch of features and optimizations thrown in for good measure. Thank you to the people reporting issues related to pygame 1 compatibility. Some of them will take a bit longer to discuss, work through, and find solutions. We say goodbye to Travis the CI that served us well. We said goodbye to the pygame discord that had grown too big, only for a few more to have sprouted up in its place. We said hello to the patreon.com/pygame and we took a breather for a little bit.

Enough bla bla bla... what's new?

Backwards compatibility fixes

Firstly, a few backwards compatibility fixes have been made.

Dan Lawrence @MyreMylar worked some more on the alpha blitter so it's more compatible.

  • Change opaque surface test to use SDL_ISPIXELFORMAT_ALPHA() macro #2269

René Dudfield (@illume) worked on making some old audio driver and video driver names that had been renamed work in backwards compatible env vars, SDL_VIDEODRIVER=windib, SDL_AUDIODRIVER=pulse or dsound #2292

Major event refactor

Ankith (@ankith26) did a major event refactor in #2357 #2404 #2416 and #2398 This not only cleaned up the event processing code, but fixed a bunch of issues an introduced some new features making event processing more comfy along the way.

  • #1236 unicode keydown field when mashing 4 keys at once. Adds unicode field to keyup event.
  • #1238 posting keydown events fills the fields.
  • #1524 Unicode property not returned on KEYUP event
  • #1550 set_event_timer Event param (needs testing).
  • #2146 Segfault in pygame.event.post()
  • #2214 WINDOWEVENT event name change (needs testing, and API review).
  • #2319 event.get(type) does not return a list of all events posted
  • #2347 pygame.time.set_timer() num_events/loops param naming needs to be decided.
  • #2378 unicode keydown field when mashing 4 keys at once

Here's a graph to treat your eyes, on an event benchmark where getting lots of events has been sped up a lot. As you can see, its a 7 times speed up. There are also less peaks in there, due to less thread locking on the event queue and using batching API calls.


New contributors

Thanks to @bwright8 for adding a unit test for image.load_basic() #2307 and also for adding some Surface.convert tests in #2368.

@kristofszentes made a unit test for image.load_extended() in #2324

Paul m. p. P. (@pmp-p) fixed typo in windib driver handler condition #2342

The Dog Lulu (@Iamsoto) updated the TYPE_HEAD macro to use a newer API #2363

@aminouhammou added a unit test for display.gl_get_attribute() #2375

Tom Fryers (@TomFryers) Capitalised "Python" in the import message. #2389

Pierre Sassoulas (@Pierre-Sassoulas) has been working on some code quality fixes using the pylint tool (and apart from these merged PRs working on setting up other code quality tools and a pre-commit checker).

  • Add parentheses to print so it works in py2 and py3 #2284
  • Merge some comparisons in lists for simplicity #2290
  • Change range(len(x)) to enumerate(x) when applicable #2291
  • Temporarily skip test_sound_args on windows and Appveyor #2371

Color.update() and Rect.update()

@zoldalma999 (who recently joined the pygame team on github after contributing several high quality patches to pygame) worked on a proposal by David Lönnhager (@dlon) to add Color.update and Rect.update #2277

Vectors already have an update() method. Now Color, and Rect do too :)

>>> c = pygame.Color(0, 0, 0)
>>> c2 = pygame.Color(1, 2, 3, 4)
>>> c
(0, 0, 0, 255)
>>> c.update(c2)
>>> c
(1, 2, 3, 4)

>>> rect = pygame.Rect(0, 0, 1, 1)
>>> rect.update(1, 2, 3, 4)
>>> rect
<rect(1, 2, 3, 4)>
>>> rect = pygame.Rect(0, 0, 1, 1)
>>> rect2 = pygame.Rect(1, 2, 3, 4)
>>> rect.update(rect2)
>>> rect
<rect(1, 2, 3, 4)>

@zoldalma999 also worked on:

  • the "edit on github" link in the docs was fixed to now point to main branch. #2318
  • document that sprite groups are ordered in python 3.6 and above #2336
  • Remove unittest skip from freetype_Font_render_to_mono #2351
  • Fix render_to returning unpositioned rect #2410

René Dudfield (@illume) was hacking on some things like these:

  • Fixing some sysfont test failures #2354
  • docs, tests and types for pathlib support #2387
  • fix for a gl crash #2394
  • SDL 2.0.14, and manylinux improvements (pulseaudio and other deps) #2395
  • Fix and skip test failures #2415

SDL 2.0.14

libsdl is a library pygame is built on. It had a new release after almost 9 months of development. The 2.0.14 release notes detail things a little bit. More than 9 months worth of effort is a bit much to explain.

There's been a number of bugs fixed we reported in the pygame 2 series. One of which was pygame.display.update() updating the whole screen on windows. So, now 'dirty rect drawing' is faster again on windows. From the list you'll notice a lot of work went into joystick and game controller improvements. Including support for more than 4 xbox controllers at once on windows. But linux, android, mac, and even freebsd got joystick improvements. On linux the Kernel Mode Setting (KMSDRM) video driver was improved a lot. For retro computing fans, the OS2 port got a lot of love. Lots of portability things were improved, like fixing compilation for M1 CPUs, improving the build system. Raspberry Pi support has been improved, as have most video drivers for other platforms.

Xbox One port

Victor Lopez started on an Xbox one port, and has had some success.

I can confirm Xbox One is able to run the aliens sample with joystick support, audio and sprites, it needs, however, heavy testing.

These are the relevant repositories:

pathlib support for image, sound, and font loading.

pathlib is an object oriented way of doing path handling in python 3 (there's also a backport to python2). Before pygame didn't handle these objects in resource loading functions for image and sound loading. Now it does pathlib!

        path = pathlib.Path('.') / "data" / "house_lo.wav"
        sound1 = mixer.Sound(path)

Thanks to @ankith26 in #2366 and René Dudfield (@illume) in #2387 .

Cursor object API

@Starbuck5 worked on a new Cursor object in #2331

Now you can add system cursors, and color cursors out of surfaces along with the other ones you could draw with ascii art.

box = pygame.cursors.Cursor((10,10), pygame.Surface((20,20)))
system = pg.cursors.Cursor(pg.SYSTEM_CURSOR_NO)


  • added a link to patreon on github in #2362
  • Improved the README.rst by clarifying, restructuring and improving links. #2396
  • Cleaned up 'import pygame._view' in packager_imports by removing it. #2384
  • Docs build fixes + home for the Korean tutorial #2420

@Starbuck5 added a deprecation warning for mouse.set_system_cursor() #2397 after a long discussion and research with a number of us on if we should have deprecation warnings anyway?.

pygame.draw.rect fixes.

Another project @Starbuck5 worked on was fixing some draw.rect issues in PR #2406 found by @gummbum and @dr0id

This script by @dr0id made it much easier to spot the problems.

@galexandreg worked on text_input documentation improvements on by default, needed for pygame.TEXTINPUT #2333

@robertpfeiffer made a few fixes to issues with android support. Added K_AC_BACK key constant, fixed data_file pruning and "STRIPPED" install #2311

Ankith @ankith26 merged these ones in (whilst also looking at some difficult event posting issues, and cleaning up some image loading code).

  • Unittests for event module #2283
  • Delete obsolete test/util files #2303
  • Documented pygame.image load_basic, load_extended, save_extended. image.c code cleanups. #2270
  • Pathlib support for most pygame functions #2366
  • Drop PyLong_FromUnicode, removed in python 3.10 #2385
  • little music doc fix #2414

@mcpalmer1980 Added experimental relative mouse motion support to video.Window in #2392 They have also been using the experimental _sdl2 features quite a lot and coming up with some good improvements and discussions on that (including a new package!).

Dan Lawrence ( @MyreMylar ) was on a coding rampage and made a number of improvements:

  • mixer.music.get_busy() return False when the music is paused #2295
  • Small improvement to the get_locks() test #2281
  • Interactive test for touch.get_finger() #2279
  • Removed the link to the closed Discord server from GitHub #2296 😢
  • pygame.midi pass the output buffersize down to portmidi #2272
  • interactive test for set_gamma_ramp() #2278
  • Rejiged the alpha blitter path logic to cover issue on mac #2345
  • Account for mixer.init()/pre_init() returning more channels than asked #2372
  • Fix typo in image.frombuffer() type hint #2383

Many many special Thanks go to

  • everyone writing up issues, answering questions, sharing your work, or moderating discussions on different forums.
  • reviewers including: @illume, @siggisv, @ankith26, @robertpfeiffer, @MyreMylar, @Starbuck5, @pmp-p, and others.
  • patreon.com/pygame sponsors: Christopher Cacho, Daniel Lawrence, Tommi Sinivuo, Leif Theden, zoldalma, and Bob Johnson. With their help half of the first patreon goal of covering the monthly hosting costs has been covered and a number of pygame tutorials have been made.
  • the people supporting pygame financially by buying the pre-release of a pygame book. It's a book by a long time pygame contributor where all funds go towards pygame development.

See ya!

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