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Chris Nehren

Jul 31, 2012, 3:08:34 PM7/31/12
I have set up jabberd14 and the pyirct on a Debian machine. When I try
to join a channel via the transport, the following shows up in the
jabberd log (I have obfuscated the hostname as it is a private server;
the hostname is valid):

[notice] (my.jabber.server): got presence from 'ape...@my.jabber.server/kensho' for non-existant user '#chat%loca...@my.jabber.server/apeiron_' => sent unsubscribe

Here is my pyirct config:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

And here's the relevant bit from the jabberd.xml:

<service id="">

The server is able to federate with other Jabber servers, so I think we
have the SRV records and that side of things working. If there is any
further information I can provide to troubleshoot this issue, I would be
glad to do so. Thank you!

Chris Nehren | Coder, Sysadmin, Masochist
Shadowcat Systems Ltd. |
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