How to name pv modules and inverters from CEC Library?

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Luis Enrique Orozco Villanueva

May 25, 2024, 6:36:52 AMMay 25
to pvlib-python
I´m doing another project and after checking both data bases for inverters and modules in CEC, I found that the ones that I have to use are there, those options are the following: Module: Trina Solar TSM-595DE20 Inverter: Shenzhen Growatt New Energy Co - Ltd : GROWATT 33000TL3-US [480V] But I don´t know how to call them so I can get my system done because I got a KeyError by writting it as it´s shown in the data base. Heres is my code:

location = Location(latitude = 43.32705299783537, longitude = -3.0227735318548272, tz = "Europe/Madrid", altitude = 26, name = 'Nautica'
modules = pvlib.pvsystem.retrieve_sam('CECMod')
inverters = pvlib.pvsystem.retrieve_sam('CECInverter'
module = modules['Trina_Solar_TSM_595DE20'
inverter = inverters['Shenzhen Growatt New Energy Co - Ltd : GROWATT 33000TL3-US [480V]'] temp_par = TEMPERATURE_MODEL_PARAMETERS['sapm']['open_rack_glass_glass'] system = PVSystem(surface_tilt = 20, surface_azimuth = 141, module_parameters = module, inverter_parameters = inverter, temperature_model_parameters = temp_par, modules_per_string = 16, strings_per_inverter = 3
modelchain = ModelChain(system, location, aoi_model = 'physical', spectral_model = 'no_loss'
 KeyError: 'Trina_Solar_TSM_595DE20'
KeyError: 'Shenzhen Growatt New Energy Co - Ltd : GROWATT 33000TL3-US [480V]'

May 25, 2024, 11:04:59 AMMay 25
to pvlib-python
pvlib reads the module and inverter parameter files created by SAM. The version of those files that are distributed with pvlib v0.10.5 (current version) are from 2019. It looks like the module you are interested in is not in the 2019 file; it must have been added later.

You can find the module's parameter set in the current CEC file, here:

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