[game/playable] dropping some generative toys + request for more

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mon olog

May 4, 2021, 1:05:17 AM5/4/21
to PuzzleScript

I've recently made a few generative PS 'games'. The most recent is 10 PRINT, a recreation of a C64 one-liner. Some weeks before that I made random walkers in PS and added a script for 'fire' propagation which resulted in Wildfire
Last year I made gordian know automaton, a probabilistic automaton that can be configured with the switches. Ooh, and semi-recently Langdon's Ant, which re-uses the 'knot' tileset and combines it with the ant turmite (which is deterministic and always eventually repeats a 104-step pattern called highway) and some limited 'player' interaction.
Making these 'games' (I call them playables) was quite fun, as was playing with them, which made me curious: is anyone else utilizing PS for creative code/generative 'art'?
In my opinion many cool generative toys can be made in PS, but except for several implementations of Conway's game of life and a cool world generation script I haven't found many. With some added features (mostly better randomness) it could even serve as a good entry point to creative coding. Like f.ex. without the animation, the script for 10 PRINT is just a single rule and the basic random walker for wildfire was just a single rule as well.
Sorry for dropping four of my projects in a single post, figured since I never posted here about them so I might as well link them all :D

That Scar

May 9, 2021, 5:06:44 AM5/9/21
to PuzzleScript
Thank you for sharing! I recall PICO8 having many more generative toys. But I don't really have a taste for them so can't say much.
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