implemeting jumbo frames with augeas

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Dimitar Vassilev

Apr 24, 2024, 6:25:36 PMApr 24
to Puppet Users
Good evening/morning all!

For  a service I develop, I'd like to implement jumbo frames on all network adapters available on the servers running the app to facilitate better throughput, except for the loopback one using augeas.
Details regarding my setup  - RHEL8, puppet 7 and the last version of herculesteam/augeasproviders_shellvar. Cannot upgrade to the successor of the module for complexity reasons. So far I've managed to identify and trace all dependencies needed to use the herculesteam/augeasproviders_shellvar.
My questions to you are
  1. Do I need to do mandatory install of augeas , augeas-devel and augeas-lib rpms on the target/test host to have my puppet code work or this is a step for debugging purposes / testing before actually writing the code that puppet executes
  2. Can you give me some examples how to filter out the loopback adapter from the context and apply the change if the MTU value is not present or missing in the ifcfg-X file ?

    Sample skeleton
class tuning {
  augeas { 'set_jumbo_frames'
    lens => 'Shellvar.lns',
    context =>
    changes => [
              'set MTU 9000',
    onlyif =>
    notify => Exec['service network refresh']

Many thanks in advance for the pointers!
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