Bolt 3.24.0 is now available

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Puppet Product Updates

Jun 29, 2022, 7:15:27 PMJun 29

VERSION 3.24.0

in this release

✨  new features

  • Bolt now supports extended glob patterns for target matching when using the --targets command-line option. For more information on using glob patterns, see the documentation.
    Contributed by Bolt user Yury Bushmelev!
  • The lxd transport now supports the interpreters configuration option. For a full list of transport configuration options, see the reference page.
    Contributed by Bolt user Jonas De Moor!
  • Bolt now ships with puppetlabs-reboot 4.2.0 as part of its bundled modules.

🔧  bug fixes

  • Bolt now opens a new shell instance each time it runs a command over winrm. Previously, Bolt used a single shell instance to run all commands, preventing Bolt from properly cleaning up temporary files in some instances.
  • Bolt no longer errors when creating secret keys and using the rainbow format.  
  • Bolt no longer submits sensitive parameter values to the PE Orchestrator service when running plans over pcp.

🚨  removals

  • Bolt no longer ships packages for Fedora 32 and Ubuntu 16.04.

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