Bolt 3.18.0 is now available

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Puppet Product Updates

Sep 20, 2021, 6:22:25 PMSep 20

VERSION 3.18.0

in this release

✨  new features

  • Bolt now respects the interpreters configuration option when running scripts, allowing you to specify a path to an interpreter. To enable this feature, set the future.script_interpreter option in your project configuration. For more information, see the
    bolt-project.yaml reference.
  • The bolt project init and New-BoltProject commands now create a .gitignore file with local Bolt files, simplifying the process of excluding user-specific files from your project repositories.  
  • You can now provide an authorization token to the Forge when installing modules with Bolt using the new configuration option
    module-install.forge.authorization_token. For more information, see the documentation.
  • Bolt now supports loading scripts from a project's or module's scripts/ directory by default when using a Puppet file reference (<module>/scripts/<file>). For more information about this change, see the developer update.
  • Bolt now ships with the latest versions of each of its bundled modules, including:

🔧  bug fixes

  • Bolt now returns exit code 1 when an operation fails. Previously, Bolt returned exit code 2.
  • BoltSpec's allow_script, expect_script, allow_upload, and expect_upload functions now support absolute paths. Previously, only relative paths or Puppet file references were supported.  
  • Bolt now correctly sets the main plan's ID during a plan run. Previously, Bolt was setting the main plan's ID incorrectly, causing Bolt to log some warnings when it should not have.
  • Bolt now supports using the scripts mount in Puppet manifests. Previously, the scripts mount was not supported.

🚨  deprecations

  • The future.file_paths configuration option is deprecated. Bolt no longer honors this setting and will look for scripts in a project's or module's scripts/ directory by default.

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