Need help with Sync adapters in Android.

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jay w

Feb 5, 2013, 5:54:20 AM2/5/13
Hi all,

   I am trying to sync some data from client to server and vice versa.
I have already created 1 sync adapter for syncing data of type, say D1.
But I also need another sync adapter for another type of data, say D2

Anybody experienced with developing sync adapters in android where I can create multiple sync adapters within the same application.

For instance, consider we have an app that syncs contacts, I would also like to sync emails. So I want to do email sync in another sync adapter.
So I create another SA and it shows up here saying 'Sync Emails'

  I have searched the whole web, but there is no word on this, neither if this is possible.

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Thanks & Regards
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