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Mauro Assis

Oct 20, 2017, 5:46:13 PM10/20/17
to PulseWaves - no pulse left behind

How can I proceed to load a DTM image in pulseview?

Tks in advance,


Martin Isenburg

Oct 21, 2017, 12:09:35 AM10/21/17
to PulseWaves - no pulse left behind

looks like another undocumented feature. (-:  Create a LAZ file with classified ground points (or only ground points) and use the option '-r discrete.laz' to add discrete LiDAR or otherwise extracted ground points that must be in the same geo-referencing

pulseview -i wameba\NP_T-356_FWF_809450_9717400_50.plz ^
                -r wameba\NP_T-356_FWF_809400_9717350_150_g.laz

then press <g> to only show those discrete returns classified as ground and press <t> to triangulate them..

Press <=> a couple of times to render the returns and the end-of-recording sample fatter. Hover over an end-of recording sample and press <i> to visualize a different pulse. Use the menu to show more than one pulse. Press <SHIFT>+<o> to suppress the rendering of the end-of recording samples (or the start-of-recording samples). Press <e> a few times to iterate through the rendering modes for the waveforms. Use the menu to also render the green pulses (connecting start-of-recording and end-of-recording samples) with green lines.

Some visuals are attached.


Martin @rapidlasso 

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