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Sep 24, 2014, 7:36:48 AM9/24/14
I am a php startup,

trying to test pubsubhubbub on local by using the example code on ,

I have following questions,
  1. I develop a localhost .php file which can write the present time to my local laptop as a ".txt file" and set it as "callback_url". Every time I run "subscriber_example" the hub will access "callback_url" and record the time to my local laptop. But every time I try to run "publisher_example", nothing is recorded in my localhost .txt file. It seems like the publish isn't success, what should I do with this problem?
  2. Is it correct that every time we run publish_example, the hub will access the callback_url whatever there is new update?
  3. Is "" a realtime hub that whenever I publish new update the hub will notify the subscriber and access the callback_url ?
The attachments are my test files, thanks for help !

P.S hello.php is a easy php file that I use to set as callback_url, I use localtunnel to set my websever port to a accessible URL 

Julien Genestoux

Sep 24, 2014, 8:02:21 AM9/24/14
to Pubsubhubbub

Are you trying to subscribe to feeds that are PubSubHubbub enabled or are you trying to publish PubSubHubbub enabled feeds?


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Sep 24, 2014, 11:58:40 PM9/24/14
Dear Julien

I am trying to subscribe to a specific feeds(made up by google feedburner), and trying to ping the hub and publish the update.

so i did the following instruction(I use for my test)

1. I run subscribe_demo.php to subscribe and set the feed as, set my callback_url as the localhost hello.php file.

2. I run the publish_demo.php to ping the hub and wish to get a record time in my localhost(I thought it will access callback_url)

I thought every time I run publish_example and publish updates, the hub will access to the callback_url and record the time in my localhost hello.php file.

But it seems that i was wrong about this.

To make my question clear, if i want to try out the whole process of pubsubhubbub what should I do ?

I can't even try it on the debug function of

Sep 25, 2014, 12:56:13 AM9/25/14
Dear Julien

I create a blog for test, and use google feed burner to make it a PubSubHubbub enabled feed.

What should I do to use Google PubSubHubbub Hub's debug function to run the whole process ?

The attachment is the Subscribe/Publish debug function.

Did I fill in anything wrong in the blanks ?

How do I know if the hub access to callback_url when the publisher ping the hub for update ? 

Julien Genestoux

Sep 26, 2014, 8:25:51 AM9/26/14
to Pubsubhubbub
If you're subscribing to a feedburner feed, it's pointless to ping Google (the publisher of the feed should do that, not you!).

Then, if you have problem with the Google hub, I can't answer, because I run a completely different hub =) Google will have to answer your questions!



Peter Chen

Sep 29, 2014, 5:09:27 AM9/29/14
Dear Julien

I just have my problem fixed,

I found that my callback url wasn't verified.

That's why I never get informed by the hub....

Thx for your help !
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