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Things can get a little messy when you’re ending a relationship with someone. Even if you both go into it knowing what you want, it can be a bit awkward to break it off. Here’s a few tips on how to gracefully end things with your fun buddy:

Determine where you are in your “relationship”
While it might not be a typical relationship, you still have a history. Even if that history is just you hooking up whenever you feel the urge. Have you been doing this for a very long time? Is it something relatively new? Figure that out first before you decide how to go about things.

The method
Will you call? Will you text? Is this a face to face sort of break up? My first tip gives you big insight into how you should end it. Do what you think will be most comfortable for you both. Hey, if it’s an email sort of goodbye – go for it!

Give them a reason
Yeah, you don’t owe them anything, but a little respect might be nice. Maybe you’re ready to move on and find a real relationship or maybe you just found a new fling. Let them know you’re time with them was a blast, but it’s time to move on to the next thing.

One last go

What’s better than last time ever sex? Probably not much. Bring out all your best moves and really relish this last hook up. Make it count!

Last, but not least, don’t just cut off communication. We’re all grown ups here. If the other person when knowingly into a no strings relationship, then they know what to expect. There’s no feelings involved, so just tell them you’re ready to move on. Be sure to keep them in your little black book though for obvious reasons and make sure to let them know that!

Can a Casual Fuck Buddy Relationship Work?

A lot of people are looking for a casual fuck buddy relationship but don’t know if they can make it work. There are a lot of things that you are going to end up needing to do to make sure that your casual fuck buddy relationship is able to work. Many people will opt for these types of relationships because they are usually a lot easier than a serious relationship. However, if you do not take the following tips into consideration, then you are going to end up getting yourself into trouble.


While it may seem like honesty isn’t something that is as important in a casual encounter relationship but you will really need to make honesty a big part of this relationship. The things that you will need to be honest about are what you want from the person. You also need to be able to be honest with them in telling them when it is over or when you have begun to date somebody seriously. While you don’t have to tell them everything that goes on it is important to be able to be honest about these things.


It is so important that you and the other person know what your expectations are of the other. This means that when you first begin to hook up that you tell them right away that you do not want this to turn into anything more than a fuck buddy type of relationship. A lot of people will end up not wanting this so the sooner you tell them the better chance you have of not hurting them. Just make sure that you are able to tell them what you want so that things do not get complicated.


If you do not see yourself with this person, then make sure that you do not allow yourself to get too comfortable. This means that you should always try to keep a look out for the next person that you can get with. It can be easy to fall into a relationship with your fuck buddy. This means that you need to never allow yourself to get too comfortable, especially if they are as adamant as you are about keeping the relationship casual.

Don’t Change

You will need to make sure that neither one of you try to change the other. A person that is new to a casual type of relationship can easily find themselves trying to change the other person into wanting a relationship with them. This is a selfish move and will only end up getting you hurt. Whenever you go into any relationship trying to change the other person you will only end up disappointed.


You need to make sure to check your jealousy at the door. It can be really easy to get jealous whenever the person that you have sex with is looking at sex dating with other people. Even if you are okay with the casual relationship this is a feeling that sometimes cannot be helped.

Is it a fuck buddy sitaution if we have never actually said that we are fuck buddies in the first place? never once have we called each other that. we txt all most ever day and just chit chat. i just dont know what we are we’ve never had a proper conversation about what our relationship is. and now im really starting to get feelings for him and i dont know how he feels.

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