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Russell Senior

Aug 13, 2022, 4:17:41 AMAug 13
to ptp-g...@googlegroups.com
One of the questions that came up at the weekly meeting a couple days
ago was whether the SFP cages in the EWS2910P were functional with the
inexpensive SFP modules I got from FS.COM a few years ago. I tried it
out this evening, and after initially failing, when I added the
kmod-sfp to my build configuration, lan10 (the right-most of the two
cages) worked and I was able to talk through the switch, fiber, and
media converter at the other end of the fiber and on to a device on
the ethernet cable.

So, that looks workable!

Russell Senior

Russell Senior

Aug 13, 2022, 5:04:09 AMAug 13
to ptp-g...@googlegroups.com
Update: kmod-sfp isn't needed, sfp support is built into the kernel.
The left sfp port (lan9) is only partially functional because of i2c
clock line sharing, so automatic detection and control does not work.
Apparently (untested) it's possible to enable the module in the left
module by poking a gpio.
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