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Russell Senior

Feb 20, 2021, 7:30:20 AMFeb 20
NodeEcotrust was visited on Friday after an outage lasting since mid
December, following a power problem. I was surprised to see lights on
the Alix when I found it, but after a reboot, the link lights
disappeared. Examining the power supply, it was one of the old 15V
batch that have been failing recently. I retrieved it, and returned
with a 12V 2A supply purchased recently as a replacement supply.

On Wednesday, I was contacted by a representative of the C3PO village
on SE Water Avenue, describing some changes and need for assistance. I
didn't get the message until late and replied on Thursday and visited
today. Problems were minor, but multifold: a) they have moved the
shack and the antenna wasn't pointed in the right direction (though it
was still working); b) there had been some problems with cut power
cords, and one of the supplies was only 600mA and was browning out
periodically and causing the MR24 to reboot; c) they requested a
cabinet to protect some of the gear. I left and returned with one of
our MetroFi industrial enclosures, a power strip and two new 12V 2A
power adapters and left them in the capable hands of one of the
residents that's been taking care of the network. I also took the
opportunity to re-aim the directional backhaul antenna.

We are getting low on the 12V 2A supplies again. We should discuss
another purchase. They come in a set of 5 for about $37.

Russell Senior
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