Looking for advice re: HDR aerial panos at night.

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Edward Fink

Sep 10, 2023, 1:36:38 PM9/10/23
to PTGui Support

Been doing a few night aerial panos.  Never wanted HDR so bad as I do now!  So I’m wondering if that’s REALLY practical for 32 shots at 3 exposures.  And the best way.  Merge To HDR each three images in ACR, stitch results?  Or throw all 96 images into PTGui, let it do all the alignment and the HDR there?

I’ve got several that are mostly OK single exposure, but 3 – 6 shots SUPER BRIGHT.  I’ve been wondering about tossing in the half dozen darker exposures too, stitch them all, turn OFF output for dark images, create blended output, then make separate version including ONLY those dark shots, output blended pano, then just overlay them in PS and use fat soft brush to mask the dark layer in.  That seems MAYBE the best option for this situation, rather than real HDR.  Any thoughts?

PTGui Support

Sep 11, 2023, 1:31:22 AM9/11/23
to pt...@googlegroups.com
PTGui is able to stitch panoramas from irregular bracketed sets. So you
could add the darker exposures just for a few of the images.

But you need to link the images manually. Make sure the bracketed images
are grouped together; if necessary drag them up or down in the Source
Images tab. Then select a group of bracketed images, right click, 'Link
Selected Images'. Repeat for all bracketed sets. Then just output an HDR
or tone mapped panorama as usual.

But there are other ways to do it, just try and see what works for you.

If you use a drone, make sure the bracketed sets are taken quickly in
succession without any drone movement.

Kind regards,

Joost Nieuwenhuijse
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