Regarding Uploading a file and reciving it in C# API

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May 14, 2024, 3:51:59 AMMay 14
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Hello all,
I am performing a Jmeter testing for file upload where i was performing similar to Angular
1.When I perform a file upload operation in the backend C# API I am getting hfc count 1
2. image.png
Here Count should be 1 instade of that i am getting 0
image (1).png
This is how i declared


May 14, 2024, 4:09:15 AMMay 14
to JMeter Forum
There is a red 1 next to yellow exclamation mark, it means that there is at least one error, check jmeter.log file, it might be the case you will be able to figure out what is the problem from there.


We cannot comment regarding whether your JMeter configuration is correct or not, if you can successfully upload the file using browser or any other API client tool - you can record the event using JMeter's HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder. Just make sure to copy the file, you're going to upload to "bin" folder of your JMeter installation, this way JMeter will generate proper HTTP Request sampler and HTTP Header Manager.


May 14, 2024, 5:09:39 AMMay 14
to JMeter Forum
As I have seen there is no errors that is showing bcz we have tried many times, 
The thing is when I am trying from UI and API I am able to get the file count in backend but in the same way When I am trying from Jmeter Application I am not getting

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