Throughput getting dropped when using constant throughput timer

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Amruta Deokar

May 6, 2024, 12:43:05 AMMay 6
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I am using distributed master slave architecure to achieve X TPS.
i am using 3 slaves ec2 machines and one ec2 as master machine
Though the jmeter script i am sending events in json format to kinesis stream
i have noticed that after running test for 1 or 2 times throughput is getting dropped.
Please note i am not changing anything. just running same test multiple times.
Not getting any errors from kinesis stream also.

my test generations machies are in one aws account and kinesis stream is in another aws account but region is same in both account. Any idea if this could be the reason for throughtput dropped? or any other reason and how can i find it?


May 6, 2024, 3:03:22 AMMay 6
to JMeter Forum
It might be the case your JMeter test is sending a large number of events and when the test ends the events are still being processed as they're queuing up.

  • From JMeter side you can implement the logic of waiting for the event to be completely processed using While Controller
  • From the system under test side you can check its logs to see when the last event has finished processing. Alternatively you can look at resources consumption using AWS CloudWatch or JMeter PerfMon Plugin
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