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OBS: PsychoPy support has moved to! Please ask your question there. This Google Groups forum will be deprecated.


How to ask a question

  1. Google your question before asking it. If you get an error message, google the error. This may answer your question, or help you ask a better question.
  2. Builder or Coder? State whether your question refers to Builder or Coder, as well as what operating system you use and which version of PsychoPy.
  3. Details: If something hasn't worked as expected don't simply say "It didn't work. We need to know in what way. Did the stimulus just not appear? or it appeared in a surprising way? did the experiment crash? did it freeze up? was there an error?
  4. Copy and paste the whole error message into your email--or let us know that there was no error message.

Code of conduct

  1. Do feel free to answer other users' queries here and on StackOverflow if you feel you know the answer.
  2. Be considerate and polite.
  3. Remember that PsychoPy is written for free out of the goodwill of the developers.

(NB your first post after joining the list will have to be moderated (checked by someone in the group) and so will not reach the list immediately. This is just to prevent spamming web bots sending unwanted messages.)