PSRG 6m Repeater fully operational

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Doug Kingston

Sep 19, 2021, 5:53:58 PM9/19/21
It's time that we sent out a formal announcement of the availability of the newest PSRG repeater - a multi-site, voting receiver based 6 meter repeater, based on similar technology (Allstart and RTCM based voting) that we have used for several years on 2 meters.

The details:

Repeater Output:  52.87 Mhz
Repeater Input:  51.17 Mhz
CTCSS tone:  103.5 Hz
Allstar node number:  2464
Echolink node number: 770247

The main transmitter is located on Capitol Hill and runs 200 watts into a Dominator 6m antenna.
There are 2 active receivers: one at Beacon Hill and one on Cougar Mountain.

We are looking to add at least one more receiver in the northern part of Seattle to improve coverage to the north, but we already have quite a bit of usage and encourage you to try it out.  In the near future, we will arrange for this repeater to link to the PSRG 2m repeater automatically from 7pm to 8pm on Mondays to accommodate access to the ACS and PSRG check-in nets.

If you are planning to use the repeater, a good antenna is important, including a good ground plane.  This is a bit harder than with 2m and 440 Mhz, but there are good antennas out there and building one is also a fun project.

I would like to thank the volunteers that have contributed to the buildout and installation to date:
Amy Dobrowolsky - KB9IQX
Ryan Dolstad - N7WAA
Erik Peterson - KG7NOC
Wink Thorne - KA7ETW
Alan Scott - AE7MX
Rich Salter - KF7BJI
Rob Martin - K7QJ

Thanks to all,
  -Doug-, KD7DK
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