Xynth Windowing System (XWS)

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Nov 22, 2011, 6:51:42 PM11/22/11
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Mills on the comments pointed out Xynth (wiki) known as Xynth Windowing System (XWS) ...stating it's better than Nano-X (wiki), as it looks more professional.

Xynth is embedded windowing system, like that of Nana-X, developed for low resource systems. It runs on the PSP, ported by Alper Akcan.

"It loads some samples, all in separate windows that can be resized and minimized to a mini-task bar," says Mills, "It runs at 480x272, but 720x480 resolution can be added for TV-out."

XWS has a tiny, all-in-one client-server that supports both TCP/IP networks and Unix domain sockets.

Additional claimed features and benefits include:
  • Clients can be configured to use "double buffer rendering" to avoid flicker that could result from direct access to the video memory
  • Thread-safe source code, server API, client library, and widget set, for customizability and reliability
  • Polling Input device driver structure supports PS2, IMPS2, and USB mice and console keyboards, and supports custom device drivers as plugins
  • Output driver system includes drivers for svgalib and Linux frame buffer, and any output driver can be easily used for video memory buffer
  • Supports SysV IPC (inter-process communication)
  • Minimal set of window management features built-in, to reduce footprint

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