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Sep 12, 2011, 6:06:20 PM9/12/11
to psp-...@googlegroups.com
Might as well get started on here...

@jenny What info do you have on wifi support?

I've had a search on the psp-gnulinux-devel archive. 'Jo=E3o' mentions the wireless chipset is similar to those found in the 'One Laptop per Child' devices.

"The Wireless chipset is a Marvell 88W8000G or 88W8510?, for what i find out on google, the same chipset is being used on the OLPC, as for what i know they are developing a Open Source driver because the Marvell driver is proprietary."


Carl Stears

Sep 13, 2011, 3:23:54 AM9/13/11
to psp-...@googlegroups.com
As far as I knew the source is in-tree and open source. Kernel.org is
still down due to the attack so I can't double check right now. I do
know it does support both B and G. The PSP only used B because putting
it in G would use much more power and didn't give much benefit for

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