Issue with "complete.html" going from "mode=debug" to "mode=live"

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Larry Gates

Oct 28, 2022, 11:19:17 AM10/28/22
to PsiTurk
I am preparing my study to released and have set the mode to live. I am testing before releasing and I have come across a problem I cannot figure out and find any information in the documentation. The highlighted blue is the ones that are generated and where they are from. Listed are the links I will be referring to.
  1. DOMAIN/complete?uniqueId=WORKERID:ASSIGNMENTID&mode=debug
  2. DOMAIN/complete?uniqueId=WORKERID:ASSIGNMENTID&mode=live
Link 1 does as expected and shows my "complete.html" page.
Link 2 shows a blank page. I do not understand why it does not show "complete.html" page.
Link 3 shows an error page (which I expected).

Why does Link 2 not look at the "complete.html" file? Is there a setting I am missing?


Larry Gates

Oct 28, 2022, 11:47:25 AM10/28/22
to PsiTurk
I found the issue (I believe).

The file that needs to be created is "closepopup.html". This file is not mentioned in any of the documentation (

Apparently when I first made this project, I had to create the file at the beginning because it wouldn't run (if I remember a year away).

But essentially, I used the content from my "complete.html" in the "closepopup.html" (still keeping both files).

The code in the PsiTurk package where I found I had to use the "closepopup.html" file is here:

At the moment, this can be marked resolved.
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