Still can't get Google Calendar to write (only read)

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Jan 14, 2021, 6:28:46 PM1/14/21
to Provider for Google Calendar

I made a contribution in the hope that these bugs will be fixed. I haven't been able to add events, accpet invitations, modify events for months, though I have tried some of the proposed work arounds.
The latest attempt produces this:
An error occurred when writing to the calendar Yontan! Please see below for more information. Error code: MODIFICATION_FAILED. Description: If you're seeing this message after snoozing or dismissing a reminder and this is for a calendar you do not want to add or edit events for, you can mark this calendar as read-only to avoid such experience in future. To do so, get to the calendar properties by right-clicking on this calendar in the list in the calendar or task view. CalCalendarManager.jsm:821
    announceError resource:///modules/CalCalendarManager.jsm:821
    onError resource:///modules/CalCalendarManager.jsm:667
    notify resource:///modules/calendar/utils/calDataUtils.jsm:38
    notify resource:///modules/calendar/utils/calDataUtils.jsm:65
    onError resource:///components/calCachedCalendar.js:101
    notify resource:///modules/calendar/utils/calDataUtils.jsm:38
    notify resource:///modules/calendar/utils/calDataUtils.jsm:65
    notifyError resource:///modules/calendar/utils/calProviderUtils.jsm:610
    onError resource:///modules/CalICSCalendar.jsm:875
    onStopRequest resource:///modules/CalICSCalendar.jsm:446

Marc Defossez

Jan 15, 2021, 4:24:42 AM1/15/21
to, Yontan


Maybe this can help,
When calendar is connected to Google the system has at least two calendars.
When making an event, task or other  in calendar make sure the item [Calendar:    ]
in the pop up of the item you're creating is set to your Google calendar (google email address visible).

Clicking the down arrow in teh right corner of the fill box shows the other options were the event,
task, or other will be seen.

Kind regards,


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