Crash when using repeated string

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mario heindl

Aug 18, 2022, 3:52:04 AMAug 18
to Protocol Buffers
Hello all,

we are currently encountering a crash when using repeated strings. The proto file is used from the sparkplug repository

In the program code we call:
        Payload_PropertySet properties;

The error we get is:
      free: invalid pointer: 0xb6b88630

Whenever we set another repeated field, it is working perfectly fine, so this seems to be an issue with repeated strings.

We are using the latest protobuf version.

Does anybody have an idea about that?

Matthew Fowles Kulukundis

Aug 18, 2022, 9:33:59 AMAug 18
to mario heindl, Protocol Buffers

With reasonable probability, there is a bug somewhere else in your program causing UB.  You should run your program under ASAN and MSAN to see if they turn up anything.


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