Remove class type prefix from enums code generation for class-based enums languages

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Daniel Fernandes

Jul 14, 2021, 8:13:54 AMJul 14
to Protocol Buffers

Hello guys,

I'm generating some enums from proto files to be used in a flutter/dart application using the default "protoc-gen-dart" plugin. A Sample proto definition looks like this:

syntax = "proto3";
enum TransactionType {
    TransactionTypeNotSet = 0;
    TransactionTypeFirstType = 1;
    TransactionTypeSecondType= 2;
    TransactionTypeThirdType = 3;

And the generated code from the plugin looks like this:
class TransactionType extends $pb.ProtobufEnum {
     static const TransactionType TransactionTypeNotSet = TransactionType._(0, const $core.bool.fromEnvironment('protobuf.omit_enum_names') ? '' : 'TransactionTypeNotSet');
    static const TransactionType TransactionTypeFirstType = TransactionType._(0, const $core.bool.fromEnvironment('protobuf.omit_enum_names') ? '' : 'TransactionTypeFirstType');
    static const TransactionType TransactionTypeSecondType = TransactionType._(0, const $core.bool.fromEnvironment('protobuf.omit_enum_names') ? '' : 'TransactionTypeSecondType');
    static const TransactionType TransactionTypeThirdType = TransactionType._(0, const $core.bool.fromEnvironment('protobuf.omit_enum_names') ? '' : 'TransactionTypeThirdType');

So currently I have to specify the enums like this, "TransactionType.TransactionTypeFirstType",
which adds some unwanted redundancy, when I could just have it like this, "TransactionType.FirstType". So what I would like is to have some kind of class name prefix removal from the generated enums, which would also be useful for other languages which follow a class-based enum approach. Is this possible?

Some final remarks: The reason why I just don't specify the enums as "FirstType", "SecondType" instead of "TransactionTypeFirstType" in the protos is due to the fact that i have some others enum types whose values share the same naming (ex: FirstType), which would have re-declaration problems.

Thanks and Regards.
Daniel Fernandes

David Raleigh

Jul 14, 2021, 12:56:12 PMJul 14
to Daniel Fernandes, Protocol Buffers
if you place this enum definition within a message scope you could avoid these conflicts.

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Daniel Fernandes

Jul 19, 2021, 7:43:12 AMJul 19
to Protocol Buffers
That's a good approach to overcome the problem. Thank you for the tip!
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