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Dec 2, 2021, 1:00:51 PM12/2/21
to Protocol Buffers
in intellij, Java 8, maven (quickstart), working with a very simple proto 3 file given to me for a project. i followed the instructions and the 2 protobuf jars (protobuf-java:3.19.1 and  protobuf-java-util:3.19.1) are in fact in my "External Libraries". Im getting this error:
Compilation failure
[ERROR] /C:/Users/User/IdeaProjects/CESProject1/src/main/java/org/example/[14,21] cannot find symbol
[ERROR]   symbol:   class Builder
[ERROR]   location: class com.sampleProject.Product.Proto.ProductProto
I am able to import the Java class into my which has the main method but when I try to follow along with the instructions in the tutorial page for Writing I get errors when I try to work with Builder.
Please help.
Thank you,
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