(ruby) allow to parse textproto format

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Tiago Cardoso

Aug 28, 2023, 1:27:40 PMAug 28
to Protocol Buffers
In the context of cel-spec test cases, which exist in textproto format (example: https://github.com/google/cel-spec/blob/4e8877a830d0d613e00c0477acb266006dd688bd/tests/simple/testdata/basic.textproto), I tried to find the correct API in the ruby google-protobuf package which would allow to decode it into a protobuf object, but couldn't find it (Example.decode at least can't parse anything other than the binary format).

is there a way to do it, or is this a missing feature? FWIW go seems to be able to do it via .Unmarshal (example https://github.com/google/cel-spec/blob/4e8877a830d0d613e00c0477acb266006dd688bd/tests/simple/simple_test.go#L131)
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