Experiencing a crash protobuf global initialisation (exception)

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Frank Michel

Aug 26, 2021, 12:02:35 PMAug 26
to Protocol Buffers

Has somebody met the same type of issue ?

Please see report below:

What version of protobuf and what language are you using?
Version: tested v3.5.0 through 3.18.0-rc1.
Language: C++

What operating system (Linux, Windows, ...) and version?
Windows 10 version 1809

What runtime / compiler are you using (e.g., python version or gcc version)
Visual Studio 2019 v16.11.1

What did you do?
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Build and link program statically (target MT_StaticRelease and MT_StaticDebug)
  2. Launch program
  3. Program crash during protobuf global initializalisation

What did you expect to see
Not a crash

What did you see instead?
Crash during protobuf global initializalisation

// PROTO SOURCE ZmqMsgSvc.proto

Protobuf source:
syntax = "proto3";
option optimize_for = SPEED;
package ns1.ns2.pkg;
message LogMsgBatch
repeated bytes msg_a = 1;


RtlpNtMakeTemporaryKey 0x00007ff86480828f
memset 0x00007ff8647c200f
RtlValidateHeap 0x00007ff86476ce45
HeapValidate 0x00007ff8610c9a3b
_CrtIsValidHeapPointer 0x00007ff844612fd1
_calloc_base 0x00007ff844611385
_free_dbg 0x00007ff8446149c5
operator delete(void *) 0x00007ff7f280f3c8
operator delete(void ,unsigned long long) 0x00007ff7f280dd28
??$_Emplace_reallocate@U?$pair@P6AXPEBX@ZPEBX@std@@@?$vector@U?$pair@P6AXPEBX@ZPEBX@std@@v?$allocator@U?$pair@P6AXPEBX@ZPEBX@std@@@2@@std@@QEAAPEAU?$pair@P6AXPEBX@ZPEBX@1@QEAU21@$$QEAU21@@z 0x00007ff7f26a0e39
google::protobuf::internal::OnShutdownRun(void (
)(void const *),void const *) 0x00007ff7f26a3080
google::protobuf::EnumDescriptor::FindValueByNumberCreatingIfUnknown(int)const 0x00007ff7f2731ba5
google::protobuf::DescriptorPool::InternalAddGeneratedFile(void const *,int) 0x00007ff7f273302e
google::protobuf::Reflection::AddBool(google::protobuf::Message *,google::protobuf::FieldDescriptor const *,bool)const 0x00007ff7f26cad4b
google::protobuf::internal::AddDescriptorsRunner::AddDescriptorsRunner(google::protobuf::internal::DescriptorTable const *) 0x00007ff7f26ca0f1
`dynamic initializer for 'dynamic_init_dummy_zmqcpp_2fZmqMsgSvc_2eproto''() ZmqMsgSvc.pb.cc:75
_initterm 0x00007ff844634299
__scrt_common_main_seh() 0x00007ff7f280ebf9
__scrt_common_main() 0x00007ff7f280eb5e
mainCRTStartup(void *) 0x00007ff7f280edbe
BaseThreadInitThunk 0x00007ff861b67974
RtlUserThreadStart 0x00007ff86475a2f1

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