Location of proto files in protobuf-kotlin JAR changed to src directory in version 3.25

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Wesley Hartford

Jan 8, 2024, 5:17:00 PMJan 8
to Protocol Buffers
Starting with version 3.25.0 the protobuf-kotlin jar includes some common .proto files in the JARs src/google/protobuf directory. Previous version included these files in the google/protobuf directory (without the parent src directory). I haven't been able to find any announcement or explanation of this change. Current and past versions of the protobuf-java JAR include the same .proto files in the google/protobuf directory.

Was this change intentional? It caused one of my builds to break because because the contents of the protobuf-kotlin and protobuf-java JAR were both present causing protoc to detect conflicting declarations of the Any type. My build was misconfiguration and has been fixed, but the change in location still seems wrong to me, especially considering the protobuf-java JAR still includes the same files in the original location.


Wesley Hartford

Adam Cozzette

Jan 11, 2024, 1:35:44 PMJan 11
to Wesley Hartford, Protocol Buffers
Thank you for the heads-up. That sounds like a real bug we should make sure to fix in the upcoming release. Would you mind filing a GitHub issue for this so that we can track it?

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Wesley Hartford

Jan 11, 2024, 1:46:50 PMJan 11
to Adam Cozzette, Protocol Buffers
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