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Aug 3, 2008, 4:48:38 AM8/3/08
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spottd zebra coaching
Stay Tuned!

Do you Want to Be a Spotted Zebra?

1. Sit down and ask yourself what would the life you desire to live look like?

2. Visualize the life you desire to live with no limitations. Money and time are limitless during this visualization of focusing on what it is you really desire.

3. Next ask what is it you do not want in your life, what is not quite right, not working and you desire it differently?
A. Take out a piece of paper on one side of the page list the things you don’t want./On the other side list an answer what you do want in your life.
B. For instance I don’t want to feel bored and as if my life has no direction.
C. On the other side write “What I do want is my life to be full and satisfying with direction in the areas I love like; travel, or writing or …………………..”
D.Once you have the Don’t Want and Do want page done, you will be more clear on what you want in living the life you desire.

4. Do you dwell in the negative, hang onto issues in life that don’t serve you now, repeat negative stories over and over again? If you do, STOP IT? What we focus on expands!!!

5. From this point adjust your attitude daily, when you feel yourself thinking of what you don’t want in your life ask What do I want? And focus on that thought, feeling and idea.

6. Daily script how you want your day to go, what goals are you working towards, how will they play in your day? Set intentions to move forward on what you do want in your life. Each day take an action, a baby step towards living the life you desire.

Amazingly people in general spend more time planning their two weeks of vacation each year than they spend planning their life!!!

The guidelines to Creating your Spotted Zebra Life are really simple:
Know what you don’t want in your life.
Don’t dwell in or on the negative.

Know what you do want your life to be! Visualize it, think it, feel it, and focus on the Life YOU Desire to Live!!!

If you would like to explore Creating your Spotted Zebra Life further feel free to contact BarBara for a 30 minute coaching consultation (no charge) a $150 value at 949 548 8635 or email Bar...@SpottedZebrasCoaching.com



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