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Andrea Reynolds

Dec 22, 2008, 4:06:11 PM12/22/08
to Professional Speaker to Speaker
Due to personal reasons I am selling my online speaker directory. One
reason is that I intend to seriously promote myself as a speaker again
in 2009 and that could be perceived as having a competitive advantage
over the speakers who are listed. I'm in the process of settling up
with the speakers who are listed and I can turn the web site into
whatever you want it to be before handing it over to new management.

If you're interested, or just curious, please have a look at the web
site. If you want only the
domain name, I own both the .com and .org domains which were renewed
in mid-Sept.

Feel free to ask me questions or make a reasonable offer. It would be
a shame to just let this web site disappear after Dec. 31, when
someone smart could be making money helping and supporting other

Andrea Reynolds
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into lucrative and meaningful advice empires

Burt Dubin

Dec 22, 2008, 4:15:31 PM12/22/08
Hi Andrea,

Here's an idea:
Contact Bryan Caplovitz. His company is Speakermatch.
He is a logical taker for you.

Bryan is my friend and associate. Mention
my name if you feel it will help.

His phone number: 512-372-8768.

Then, when the smoke clears, I would love to
guide you to more success as a paid expert who speaks.

Happy Holidays,


P.S. Please open the attachment. You may find it useful.

>Due to personal reasons I am selling my online speaker directory. One
>reason is that I intend to seriously promote myself as a speaker again
>in 2009 and that could be perceived as having a competitive advantage
>over the speakers who are listed. I'm in the process of settling up
>with the speakers who are listed and I can turn the web site into
>whatever you want it to be before handing it over to new management.

Burt Dubin, president, Personal Achievement Institute,
24/7: 800-321-1225 +928-753-7546
Phones answered "live" 1 to 4 PM MST Monday thru Thursday

Mail: 1 Speaking Success Road, Kingman AZ 86402 USA

Burt works with people who want to be speakers
and with speakers who want to be masters.

Frequently asked questions:

Speaking Biz Strategies Letter, access to past issues:

As Jack London wrote ~ I am consciously aware that
all my actions are in service to a higher calling ~
a calling of the soul versus the ego ~
an inner calling which I continue to listen and
respond to with joy, enthusiasm and delight.

Surviving the Slump.doc

Andrea Reynolds

Dec 22, 2008, 4:30:35 PM12/22/08
Thanks, Burt!

Both for the contact - I'd forgotten about - and the report which I will read before dinner. There was a time, before I starting working for other speakers that I was earning $12,000 to $40,000 a month from speaking. I'm looking forward to doing that again and will surely call on you for your professional mentoring support to be sure it happens a little quicker.

On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 4:15 PM, Burt Dubin <> wrote:
Hi Andrea,

       Here's an idea:
Contact Bryan Caplovitz.  His company is Speakermatch.
He is a logical taker for you.

       Bryan is my friend and associate.  Mention
my name if you feel it will help.

       His phone number:  512-372-8768.

       Then, when the smoke clears, I would love to
guide you to more success as a paid expert who speaks.

Happy Holidays,


P.S.  Please open the attachment.  You may find it useful.

DeBorah Beatty

Dec 22, 2008, 5:38:35 PM12/22/08
Andrea - I thought I was one of the speakers listed (You offered me the option to fill up your site, remember?), but can't find me.
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Andrea Reynolds

Dec 22, 2008, 7:21:09 PM12/22/08

There's a reason for that. Here's what you may not remember:

I offered the members of this forum a free trial profile for one month on and you were one of several speakers who responded. On March 31, within a few hours of receiving your completed Speaker Data Sheet I posted your two-page profile on your own web page with photo and contact info so you could be contacted directly, and even gave you an additional 3 free months, for a total of 4 free months. Similar firms charge from $49 to $99 a month for the same service. 

On July 31 you answered my questionnaire and told me you weren't willing to pay the $99 for a year's membership to continue having your profile on the web site and you didn't want me to negotiate your speaking fees upwards for you (raising your current fees 50% to 200% higher) which would have allowed me to earn a small commission. So because this is a business I saw no benefit to keep giving you free services with no compensation. So 5 months ago I took down your page. 

Incidentally none of the speakers who received a free month's profile said thank you and more than half the speakers who received free profiles didn't even respond to my subsequent emails. Now you may be understanding another reason why I want to get out of the business of representing other speakers. 


DeBorah Beatty

Dec 22, 2008, 10:11:16 PM12/22/08
I wondered what had happened - Once I responded to your survey and your request for speakers to populate your site so you could have it full to show it, I never heard from you again.  I am currently so many places with profiles and such that sometimes one drops off my radar. Your survey was worded in a way that didn't allow me to say that it wasn't that I was unwilling to have you represent me or be listed, I just didn't have any money! My total budget for most of 2008 was under $150/month and that doesn't let a person do a whole lot of anything.  Barely paid for gas!

Anyway, I am grateful for the opportunity to have been of service to you when you asked for it. (And if I remember, I did say thank you.)

I wish you best of luck with your future endeavors. You go get 'em!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a profitable 2009!

Andrea Reynolds

Dec 23, 2008, 10:20:58 AM12/23/08
Forum members here may wish to take advantage of the opportunity to read the articles for speakers while my web site is still up (Dec. 31): 

There's also a questionnaire about speaker agents that you may find amusing. Each of the 24 questions is a real response received from speakers over the 19 years I have been advocating for other speakers. Start here: (I wrote a followup article that addresses each response.)

PS I appreciate the kind private emails and phone calls I received yesterday about my transition from speaker advocate back to speaker.

Andrea Reynolds
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Dec 22, 2008, 8:11:05 PM12/22/08
However it happened, I received an -mail that was directed to Deborah regarding speaking engagements.
I am a public speaker as well but mainly a freelance writer & photographer - see my website.  - well but I have learned some time ago is this:
1. Most people who get something for free do not have the decency to say thank you,
    chances are they never were serious about whatever they received.
2. Again, most people are too ignorant to assess what is valuable and what is not.
One question.
I hear what you are saying about no longer facilitating speakers who are looking for opportunities. However after looking at my web site and reading the paragraphs of a few of my articles you see that a few of your previous clients may be interested in having a speaker that is straightforward and does not embellish. I write & talk mainly about current political and social issues, with the latter sorely needing to be addressed.
Jürgen Ankenbrand
Below a list of my available articles, which will appear in an e-book I am working on right now.
I submitted a list of articles to several magazine & newspaper editors without success.
Very simply, editors told me they would loose too many advertisers where they to publish them and that they could not afford (which I understand).
What does that say about society? There is NO FREE speech as we are constantly being told because as soon as you are to step on somebody's toes (as you are bound to do if you are straight forward as I am) you got trouble and honestly, that stinks.
Article list

Potential nook title:






Things that NEED to change before AMERICA self destructs and goes the way of the Roman Empire


Think I am kidding? Not at all.

Most politicians are self- serving and care little about the average citizen they vow to serve while campaigning for their votes.  Most politicians can’t associate or emphasize with the common man or women. Why you may ask? Simple, many are much better off financially than those they want to serve (until they are elected that is) so how could they possibly know how to go from paycheck to paycheck each week or month? They can’t emphasize nor do they really care to and that often is the problem. While the two Busch Presidents deal with the super rich of Arabia how can they possibly know or even care how average people make it each month?

When Busch decides to have his own private war, spending BILLIONS of dollars of our hard earned money, indebting us and the next generation for years to come, do you think he could possibly know what it takes 90% of the population to survive from day to day?




1.       Eliminate would be lobbyists once they leave government jobs.

They are bloodsuckers without adding anything of substance to society and who needs that?

What is the purpose of lobbyists, to get rich while using their knowledge acquired while working for us, the people, while prostituting their services to the highest industry bidder. What’s wrong with this you may ask?

Often after many years of service in the government as civil servants. They know the ins and outs of how the government works and now they feel it’s their time to use this knowledge and make money in the process. Is this kosher to use what could & should be considered “insiders knowledge” and sell it to the highest bidder?

How is this done? Simple, the emerging lobbyist goes to an industry he/she has intimate knowledge of, seeks out a huge company to put this knowledge to good use and get rich.

There are two main problems with this scenario.

To be lobbyists, are using special insider government knowledge they have acquired in the service to their country. Now they go to the industry they have often very intimate knowledge in and know the government insiders who have the power to sway other government official to make decisions to favor their new client to be. Pretty cozy arrangement wouldn’t you say?

Ever heard of insider trading? This is a similar situation where the lobbyist has guarded, and often-secret knowledge pertaining to a particular industry and or company. They expect the lobbyist to get their inside man so to speak to influence the government decision makers to benefit their new “boss” and mentor, making both rich in the process.

Maybe this is a little over simplified, but in general terms this is how it works. Let me tell you, private people are not to use insider’s information and use it to benefit very specific groups of companies and or people to the exclusion of the rest of the public.


2.       Ditch crooked politicians, without pay, if they are convicted & go to jail

What really “gets” me is when I read or hear about corruption in Government or big corporations.

I think last year, or was it the year before, I think one o0r two senators got convicted of bribery and actually went to jail. Now can you imagine really mad I was when I heard that they actually kept being paid by the government while in jail. Is that aconite or what? It’s an outrage that our elected official show so little regard, or should we say disregard for us, their constituents.

Anyone else would lose their job and certainly not get any pay for being a crook nor get their job back when leaving jail.

         What are people and especially the government thinking when they 

   make such ill-advised decisions? Obviously they are not thinking and

   seem to care very little about us, the public.

          Why else would they spend our money, pay crooks when they are in

   jail and obviously feel no sense of wrongdoing, or remorse.

One would think that some part of the government would be outraged at such behavior, put an end to such an outrage and change the law so this could not continue. Why is the public not outraged and incensed at the officials who allow and condone this kind of behavioral?

Could it be that the public in general has seen so much of this kind of behavior and has become callous about it and does not care any longer? If so this certainly would be a very sad situation indeed and not say much about us as people, now would it?


3.       Mexico MUST of its own people

         Why are there so many illegal Hispanic people crossing the border into the US? This would seem a simple enough answer, but why has the Mexican government not figured this out yet or the American government for that matter? Well, I think both governments have, but chose not to do anything about it, all for different reasons. For one, south of the border there are many corrupt officials - mind you there are perhaps just as many in the US for that matter, but that’s another matter. If the Mexican government were to spend some of that “foreign aid” it gets from the US, the World Bank and perhaps other governments and spend it on it’s own people, there would be no problem. People leave their own country either for political reasons or for miserable economic reasons. I think most people whom are familiar with Mexico know what the average living and economic conditions are and the Nafta Agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico did not help them rather than they got screwed royally.


4.       Re-examine ALL foreign trade agreements

Why, because many are NOT equal and more often than not favor other partners more than us. The Busch administration was so eager to reach agreements with China at all costs that we simply got the short end of the stick. US citizen want more and more things at ever cheaper prices so China is just the kind of country that can and will deliver what we want. Never mind the ever-increasing trade balance and the fact that China owns a sizeable share of our country, Say what? Yes our country as like in factories, real estate and much of our debts, just to mention a few. I bet you didn’t know that. But does the average American citizen really care as long as the goods we want are available at “affordable” prices? Not really, besides our economy runs on “inalienable rights and wants”. You hea5rd me, we want, we get or so it seems that’s the American way and the marketing and advertising industries do their darnest to provide. Why are things that way? Simple, most Americans never heard, or cared to hear the word NO, you can’t have this or that. What do you mean I / we can’t have this?

We live in the country of the plenty and what I want, I get. Our dear government and marketing machine sure try to keep it that way. Every one wins, or so it seems. Who do you think pays for the war in Iraq or wherever else we must wage war to keep our factories humming?


5.       Corn (Mais) is for food, not ethanol

Since the ethanol craze started a few years ago, many farmers jumped on the bandwagon, converted their fields from whatever crops they grew before to growing corn. The farmers are making much more money since there is a shortage of corn since so much is being used for ethanol but this has one very bad result how could this be a bad thing? Well, you certainly can’t eat ethanol. Using so much corn for fuel rather than food there actually is a corn (mais) shortage. This resulted in very much higher corn prices so that many Hispanic people who literally live on corn cannot afford to feed their families. For the US using corn to make ethanol is certainly not the way to go. Why, because we will never be able to make enough ethanol, no matter how much corn we row, to even make a dent in reducing oil consumption for cars. The US is making it’s citizens that by using ethanol they are actually helping the environment but not telling them the food crisis this has created.


6.       Cut the presidential election progress in halve

Why does the US needs close to two years to elect a president, who ones elected does as he pleases anyway? I tell you why; it’s economics, dummy.  It’s big business to run all these meetings and in the end the Republican and Democratic conventions. Wouldn’t want these folks to lose out on the gravy train that is the election, would you.

If this entire charade isn’t the most idiotic spectacle then I am not sure what is. No other Democracy puts on such a spectacle. Why is the US doing this to make a pre-election last THAT long? First of all it’s a money game. Some presidential candidates have the ability to raise huge amounts of money, especially those with a wide name-recognition and appeal.

The lesser known ones who either do not have that much money on their own nor can raise that much naturally have a marked disadvantage They can’t afford to spend big on ads, commercials and whatever it takes to get in front of the public to receive name-recognition.

Have you ever considered how many people are making big money in this political specter lasting such an outrageous long amount of time? If you count the traveling being done, the many meetings employing many people, the news conferences are big business nation wide, along with these endless debates. Granted, lesser-known and less financially endowed candidates have a much more difficult time and are really not playing on a level playing field. How can that situation be remedied?  One option would be to set up a political fund of equal amounts for each participant and nobody can’t spend more than the amount all have been allocated.

All get equal airtime to be paid either out of such funds or individuals who can support their favorite candidate up to a pre-set limit.


7.      Wipe out corruption in government and big corporations

8.        Create a one-level income tax for ALL

9.        Eliminate any and all income tax deductions

10.    FIX the illegal immigration problem

11.    Make ENGLISH the “official” spoken and written US language for ALL, no exceptions

12.    Federalize most STATE laws

13.    All immigrants are required to learn English and   prove their competence after one year

               14.   Outlaw guns NOW

               15.   Enforce ALL criminal and civil laws to the maximum no more leniency

                       or  “cushy” deals

               16.   Punish government wrongdoers

               17.   Everyone must take responsibility for own actions

               18.   Return civility and manners to daily life

               19.   Wipe out all drug smuggling and use

20.      No president can start a war without 2/3 congressional majority

21.      Crooked presidents and congressmen must vacate their job WITHOUT pay or benefits

22.      All convicted criminals WILL receive the full allowable penalty for their crimes

                23.   You father a child you WILL pay to raise that kid one way or the other

                24.   Americas attitude of “Entitlement” MUST go the way of the dinosaur

                25.   Taking responsibility for all your actions WILL become the norm for all

26.    Pay all teachers what they are worth, after all they are educating YOUR children

27.    Downsize all cars and mandate the best possible mileage possible

28.    Reduce outrageous million dollar salaries and golden parachutes

29.    Any CEO deliberately “defrauds” investors and employees, goes to


                30.    Any CEO or head of government, not producing a timely budget,    

                         does not get paid


Sounds too drastic?

That’s the idea to make this world civilized and livable again.

Jürgen Ankenbrand

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Andrea Reynolds

Dec 28, 2008, 2:00:09 PM12/28/08
Thanks, Jürgen,

What you received should have been private correspondence (as this probably should be, too). It was my intention to only state the facts as an explanation for my decision to stop promoting and representing speakers, and it doesn't feel very good to have to admit failure and defeat in public. I just can't keep mentoring and acting for speakers' financial interests with no income. Life for me for the past few years has been just awful and I hoped that I could rebuild it by helping others increase their visibility and incomes.

Years ago as a speaker, I learned a lot through trial and error, and earned a lot. I'd hoped I could impart some of my wisdom and experience to younger speakers, but as my efforts are not appreciated, I'll return to speaking again. I won't be promoting anyone else but me.

Please understand Jurgen, my clients were speakers... not the organizations and corporations looking to hire speakers. To represent a speaker's interests in fee and contract negotiation, I could not act on behalf of organizations at the same time. That would have been a conflict of interests. 

It's ironic that by representing speakers, speakers were keeping me from being their competition. Now that I have no obligation to represent any other speakers, I am free to compete with them like crazy! ;-)  And the good thing for me is: I've learned that many speakers who approach me for assistance don't seem to have the work ethic that I do, and they vehemently reject it. If they can't say thank you to a gift, meeting planners will see it. When meeting planners see that I am grateful for even small things and I am willing to do everything it takes to be a meeting planner's dream, I'll get the bookings. 

It's not in my best interest to badmouth anyone, but the speakers who received free profiles, and even the ones who paid for theirs, could have exploited them to the hilt and they missed opportunities. 

Had I received a free speaker directory profile for a month or more I would have put the profile's link in my email signature file, posted the link on my blogs, posted the link on the contact page and speaking page of my web site, and perhaps bought a low cost report from the giver as a nice gesture.

There are more promotional tips like those in a $2 tip sheet available on 2 of my web sites. Not one of the speakers given a free profile - other sites require $49 per month for smaller profiles - was willing to spend $2 to get some promotional tips for being more visible. When I realized that, it was time to stop and be my only client.

Smart speakers will realize that grabbing my report on how I set and quote speaking fees - at half price for only the next 3 days - is a good way to find out what the competition is doing. (Competitive analysis.) That and my speaker contract class on Jan. 5, but I'd be willing to bet there won't be enough speakers to run a class even with the big price reduction. 

Oh, and the domains and are still for sale and won't expire until Sept. If anyone wants them, please make an offer.


On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 8:11 PM, <> wrote:
However it happened, I received an -mail that was directed to Deborah regarding speaking engagements.
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