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Milan Obuch

Mar 5, 2021, 5:46:45 PM3/5/21

I started recently some testing of prosody. I did basic configuration
and now I am testing it a bit. I'd like to look over this mailing list
communication from past to get better understanding and some
experience, but I can't find any downloadable archive I can import into
my mail client and look over it this way. I know there is web
interface, it is OK for occasional browsing, but clicking over more
messages this way is tedious and slow task.

Does such an archive exists? Has somebody such an archive done locally
and could share? I am sure some question could be answered this way and
would like to look there, any help with this appreciated.



Mar 10, 2021, 6:53:30 AM3/10/21
I don't think there is such an archive.

When I wanted do do such imports in the past, I've used
google-group-crawler[0] to accomplish that.


Milan Obuch

Mar 10, 2021, 7:05:37 AM3/10/21
This one exactly was recommended me off list to try and it worked well
with both prosody-dev and prosody-users googlegroups.

The only thing needed in order to import messages into my IMAP mailbox
flawlessly was removing CR from headers line ending because my mailer
does not parse such headers correctly (I have No subject, No date, No
from instead of fields with standard subject, date, from fields from
message, they are displayed correctly in message pane).

So I wrote simple script to remove those CRs from all the files and at
the same time sorted them into directories per year and month.

Now I am reading these messages at a convenient pace for me and looking
for some bits of wisdom usually present in such an archive, so it is
easier then to get the whole image and understand details of the system.

Sure, there will be questions and I plan ask :)

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