[ANN] Prosody 0.11.6 released

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Matthew Wild

Sep 9, 2020, 10:34:38 AM9/9/20
to Prosody IM Users Group, Prosody IM Developers Group, prosody-...@googlegroups.com
Hi folks,

We are pleased to announce the release of Prosody 0.11.6.

This release brings a collection of fixes and improvements added since
the 0.11.5 release improving security, performance, usability and

This version continues the deprecation of using prosodyctl to start/stop
Prosody if it is installed system-wide. You should use your init
system’s appropriate commands to manage the Prosody process instead. You
can silence the warnings with the ‘prosodyctl_service_warnings’ option.
Init scripts should invoke prosody directly as the correct user, and
pass -F or -D depending on whether Prosody should stay in the foreground
or detach (daemonize).

A summary of changes since the previous release:

Fixes and improvements

- mod_storage_internal: Fix error in time limited queries on items
without ‘when’ field, fixes #1557
- mod_carbons: Fix handling of incoming MUC PMs #1540
- mod_csi_simple: Consider XEP-0353: Jingle Message Initiation
- mod_http_files: Avoid using inode in etag, fixes #1498: Fail to
download file on FreeBSD
- mod_admin_telnet: Create a DNS resolver per console session (fixes
#1492: Telnet console DNS commands reduced usefulness)
- core.certmanager: Move EECDH ciphers before EDH in default
cipherstring (fixes #1513)
- mod_s2s: Escape invalid XML in loggin (same way as mod_c2s) (fixes
#1574: Invalid XML input on s2s connection is logged unescaped)
- mod_muc: Allow control over the server-admins-are-room-owners
feature (see #1174)
- mod_muc_mam: Remove spoofed archive IDs before archiving (fixes
#1552: MUC MAM may strip its own archive id)
- mod_muc_mam: Fix stanza id filter event name, fixes #1546:
mod_muc_mam does not strip spoofed stanza ids
- mod_muc_mam: Fix missing advertising of XEP-0359, fixes #1547:
mod_muc_mam does not advertise stanza-id

Minor changes

- net.http API: Add request:cancel() method
- net.http API: Fix traceback on invalid URL passed to request()
- MUC: Persist affiliation_data in new MUC format
- mod_websocket: Fire event on session creation (thanks Aaron van
- MUC: Always include ‘affiliation’/‘role’ attributes, defaulting to
‘none’ if nil
- mod_tls: Log when certificates are (re)loaded
- mod_vcard4: Report correct error condition (fixes #1521: mod_vcard4
reports wrong error)
- net.http: Re-expose destroy_request() function (fixes unintentional
API breakage)
- net.http.server: Strip port from Host header in IPv6 friendly way
(fix #1302)
- util.prosodyctl: Tell prosody do daemonize via command line flag
(fixes #1514)
- SASL: Apply saslprep where necessary, fixes #1560: Login fails if
password contains special chars
- net.http.server: Fix reporting of missing Host header
- util.datamanager API: Fix iterating over “users” (thanks marc0s)
- net.resolvers.basic: Default conn_type to ‘tcp’ consistently if
unspecified (thanks marc0s)
- mod_storage_sql: Fix check for deletion limits (fixes #1494)
- mod_admin_telnet: Handle unavailable cipher info (fixes #1510:
mod_admin_telnet backtrace)
- Log warning when using prosodyctl start/stop/restart
- core.certmanager: Look for privkey.pem to go with fullchain.pem
(fixes #1526)
- mod_storage_sql: Add index covering sort_id to improve performance
(fixes #1505)
- mod_mam,mod_muc_mam: Allow other work to be performed during archive
cleanup (fixes #1504)
- mod_muc_mam: Don’t strip MUC tags, fix #1567: MUC tags stripped by
- mod_pubsub, mod_pep: Ensure correct number of children of (fixes
- mod_register_ibr: Add FORM_TYPE as required by XEP-0077 (fixes
- mod_muc_mam: Fix traceback saving message from non-occupant (fixes
- util.startup: Remove duplicated initialization of logging (fix
#1527: startup: Logging initialized twice)

# Download

As usual, download instructions for many platforms can be found on our
download page: https://prosody.im/download

If you have any questions, comments or other issues with this release,
let us know! https://prosody.im/discuss
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