Prosody configuration/certificate properties question

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Milan Obuch

Mar 8, 2021, 5:55:08 AM3/8/21

I started to use Prosody as XMPP server for some testing and was able
to get it running with Pidgin client. I verified it works with someone
using (I think) ejabber server. For this I created Let's Encrypt
certificate for my test domain.

Now I would like to move a bit toward service deployment. For this
purpose I like to see possibility to serve several domains with one
Prosody instance. Question is, how should I create certificate for this

In my config file, I commented out default

VirtualHost "localhost"

line and added my test domain like this:

VirtualHost ""
ssl =
{ certificate = "certs/";
key = "certs/";

Certificate was created using with command --issue --standalone --domain

Now, how can I serve several domains? I can use maybe and by adding similar definition for VirtualHost, but what
about certificates? Can I use one certificate per domain or should I
use one certificate with more SAN? I have no XMPP protocol knowledge
yet, so I have no idea whether it is possible to use Different
certificate for domains run by the same Prosody instance using one IP,
thus the question.

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