Prosody 0.5.0 RC1

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Matthew Wild

Jul 10, 2009, 3:00:38 PM7/10/09
Hi all, welcome to Prosody's 0.5.0 release candidate. This
pre-release is made primarily to get as much testing as possible
before the official release, and represents the code that will be released
should everything go smoothly.

This is the first time we have made a pre-release. The fact we have
decided to do it for 0.5 reflects the significant changes "under the
hood" which were made during this (rather long) release cycle. Although
just over a month since we made our last release, it has been over two
months since we branched the 0.5 code away from 0.4 and started making
what we knew would be long but important changes to the core routing code.

The benefits the new code brings include greater flexibility, allowing modules
to catch and filter any stanza types they need to. Significantly, even handling
of the standard message, presence and iq stanza types is now done by
core plugins.

Apart from the internal and API changes, you may be wondering what else is new.
We now have an experimental PEP plugin, which needs all the testing it can get -
please direct all bug reports as usual to :)

The following is a summary of changes since the previous version:

* New mod_presence, mod_message and mod_iq to modularise routing
* Support for modules to finally intercept any routed stanza
* mod_pep: PEP support (user tune, mood, activity and more)
* New util.muc API to ease development of custom MUC-based services
* Support for requiring encryption of client connections
* Improved telnet console, with c2s:show() and s2s:show()
* mod_groups: "shared roster" support to configure groups
* mod_announce: Plugin to send announcement to all online users
* mod_welcome: New plugin to welcome users who register accounts
* mod_watchregistrations: Plugin to alert admins of registrations
* Various optimisations and performance improvements

Packages for this pre-release will be built over the coming days. Barring
any critical bugs, this release will become the official 0.5.0 in just over
a week's time. Official packages will then be made, uploaded and announced.

Pre-release downloads:
Debian 32-bit:
Debian 64-bit:

Packages for other systems will follow in this thread as and when they are made.

Thanks everyone,

Dwayne Bent

Jul 11, 2009, 4:49:32 PM7/11/09
A prosody-devel package for Arch Linux is now available in the AUR:

This package is set to conflict with the regular prosody package so you
must remove the regular prosody package prior to installing prosody-devel.

Dwayne Bent

Paul-Sebastian Manole

Jul 12, 2009, 10:28:00 AM7/12/09
Great, I see Arch is picking up! Maybe soon it will be out of the AUR
and into the "frying pan". :D

Now Gentoo's my other favorite distro...
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