Patch: Don't install unneeded files into certs directory while building source

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Jun 11, 2021, 3:49:05 AM6/11/21
Apologies if my wording is a bit confusing. Programming isn't my day job.

I'm working on a Dockerfile for Prosody, using Alpine Linux as the base. I noticed an abnormality when compiling from the source, where some unneeded files are being copied into the /etc/prosody/config/certs directory during a make install. These files are:


I took a look at the GNUmakefile, and I saw that it's copying over everything from the source's certs directory into the final install location, instead of just the generated certs and keys.

The patch I am submitting brings 'GNUmakefile' more in line with how the make install is handled in 'makefile'. The generated example and localhost certificate & key will be the only files installed into the certs directory now. If the --no-example-certs option is specified when running 'configure', nothing will be installed into the certs directory.

Thank You
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