mod_vcard_legacy: map "note" to both NOTE and DESC in vcard-temp

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Dec 5, 2021, 1:27:06 PM12/5/21
Some clients like Gajim 1.3.3 and Psi 1.5 support displaying only DESC
field of vcard-temp and does not show NOTE.
However, vcard4 contains only "note" and missing "desc".

Map vcard4 "note" to both "NOTE" and "DESC" vcard-temp fields to fix the


Dec 5, 2021, 4:10:51 PM12/5/21
Zash‎ speaks out against merging this patch and fixing the issue. To be
honest, I don't understand this anti-legacy attitude in the world where
vcard4 is currently supported by one(?) released client and others use

Still hoping this patch to be merged.

> ‎ValdikSS‎:
> >Mapping the vcard-temp <DESC/> element to the vCard4 NOTE property
is appropriate.
> ‎Zash‎: That is what it does
> ‎ValdikSS‎: It doesn't mention reverse-mapping, but why not? Can't
find anything in the dev list.
> ‎Zash‎: In the 3 years since Prosody 0.11.0 was released with this, I
think this is the second time I've seen it mentioned in the Gajim
channel and nobody has reported a bug about it to us.
> ‎Zash‎: Not seeing any bug reports to Gajim for not showing the NOTE
field either.
> ‎ValdikSS‎: Zash, I didn't notice it until recently
> ‎Zash‎: Just as Gajim finally merges the new work that removes
vcard-temp support entirely 🙂
> ‎ValdikSS‎: I'll send it to devel list anyway, as I believe it fixes
a bug and does not introduce new.
> ‎ValdikSS‎: Zash, there are other clients like miranda, psi, which
support only vcard-temp. It's useful.
> ‎Zash‎: I'd be happier if those switched to vcard4 and vcard-temp
went away.
> ‎Zash‎: You are free to use the old mod_vcard (maybe it should have
been called vcard_legacy... but eh, names are hard)
> ‎Zash‎: Your patch would show the same info twice in a client that
shows both NOTE and DESC.
> ‎Zash‎: I once had a patch that preserved "this <note> was originally
a <DESC>" but this idea was rejected some years ago I think and I can't
find that patch anymore.
> ‎ValdikSS‎: Zash, well yes, is that an issue? Are there clients which
show note?
> ‎Zash‎: I'm not really interested in taking any action on this
anymore. Sorry.
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