unable to initialize gossip mesh, No private IP address found, and explicit IP not provided

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Jul 29, 2018, 4:52:20 PM7/29/18
to Prometheus Users
So I want to run alertmanager as docker in my own docker network like:

NAME := alertmanager
IP :=

docker run -d \
--net production \ 
--ip \"$(IP)\" \
-v /srv/alertmanager/:/alertmanager \
-v /srv/alertmanager-etc/config.yml:/etc/alertmanager/config.yml \
--restart=always \
--name  \"$(NAME)\" \
--dns prom/\"$(NAME)\"

But I get this error:

level=info ts=2018-07-27T18:20:03.387801651Z caller=main.go:174 msg="Starting Alertmanager" version="(version=0.15.1, branch=HEAD, revision=8397de1830f154535a31150f9262da0072d8725d)"
level=info ts=2018-07-27T18:20:03.387905366Z caller=main.go:175 build_context="(go=go1.10.3, user=root@efde7f9485ae, date=20180712-18:25:27)"
level=warn ts=2018-07-27T18:20:03.393156442Z caller=cluster.go:148 component=cluster err="couldn't deduce an advertise address: no private IP found, explicit advertise addr not provided"
level=error ts=2018-07-27T18:20:03.399208639Z caller=main.go:199 msg="unable to initialize gossip mesh" err="create memberlist: Failed to get final advertise address: No private IP address found, and explicit IP not provided"

Is there an option to pass the IP as ENV variable?

Simon Pasquier

Jul 30, 2018, 4:08:06 AM7/30/18
to sebastiaan...@wegroup.be, Prometheus Users
You can pass the -cluster.advertise-address=CLUSTER.ADVERTISE-ADDRESS option to your container.
docker run ... --storage.path=/alertmanager --cluster.advertise-address="$IP"

Another (better) option would be not to use a public IP range for your Docker network. But I don't know all your requirements.

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