ModularServer for parameter sweeps?

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Stephen Davies

Feb 16, 2021, 2:45:35 PMFeb 16
to ProjectMesa
I have used the ModularServer successfully to create a web application that lets the user set model parameters, and then visualize the data from single model runs. (Just like in the Mesa tutorial.)

Now I want to parameter sweep my model. I want to create a web interface with widgets for both fixed and variable parameters (as in BatchRunner) as well as a suite size (number of "iterations"). Instead of a single model run, this web app would create a BatchRunner-style parameter sweep, and display visualizations plotting the variable parameters versus dependent variables that I extract from each model at simulation's end.

Is this possible with ModularServer? Or is there some other class that does this? BatchRunner is fantastic, but I'm not quite getting how I can integrate that with the ModularServer. The ModularServer class seems to want a model class which it will instantiate and run once (each time the user presses Reset/Start), not one which it will run a parameter sweep on.
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