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Feb 24, 2023, 10:25:50 AMFeb 24
to ProjectChrono

is it possible to define a prismatic connection between two bodies that has a spring with signed resting position? This means that there is a single force-free relative position. If I understand correctly, then a ChLinkTDSA (spring rest length > 0) leads to two force-free positions because the magnitude of the displacement is used.

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Radu Serban

Feb 24, 2023, 3:02:57 PMFeb 24
to ProjectChrono



You can either:

  1. Make sure the attachment points of the TSDA are such that they never flip. You can separate them by whatever amount you want, as long as you also modify appropriately the rest length (assuming you use the default linear spring-damper model), or
  2. Specify a custom ChLinkTSDA::ForceFunctor and implement whatever you want/need. The evaluate() method which you would have to overwrite receives a reference to the TSDA element itself from which you can access whatever quantities you might need for that (e.g., the current locations of the attachment points).


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